Friday, October 22, 2010

what we do

i'm a big fan of taking a drive. especially early morning. or in the rain. or during a sunset. or under disneyland fireworks. or in my new car (more to come on that later).

here we are driving towards the beach during a beautiful post-rain day. this morning we had some ants in our kitchen so i said enough. the kids and i, in our pj's, loaded the car for a drive. we stopped at chick-fil-a to use my free breakfast entree coupon. then we drove. ok, we went through starbuck's drive through for a peppermint mocha. you know, it's almost christmas, plus i'm pregnant. that's the excuse i give rian.

today we had no plans so after the drive we did this craft. then we ate a picnic lunch out front (less crumbs to attract more ants). then the kids played alone upstairs for an hour (seriously). while they napped i did laundry and read 1 and 2 thessalonians. and then i got so hungry but there was nothing to eat. then rian came home from golfing with clients (second time this week. wth?). then he left for the office and skyler woke up. actually that's where i am now. i keep calling up to her room saying, "lay down skyler, it's not time to get up" even though it is but every time we do this lately, we hear her bounce back down and lay quietly for a good 10 minutes. it's this awesome new little trick we do with her. but then it stops working the second or third time.

and this was our day. plus it's friday, so i'm a bit ecstatic to have the weekend ahead of us. i will head to the chiro once the kids are up, then warm up our dinner of last night's leftovers and then celebrate the weekend with a family outing.

someone is awake making her dolphin sounds. and i hear wallace climbing out of his bunk bed. here we go...


juliana said...

we drove out to silverado this week... it was good to be out of the house but not having to keep track of someone. Liv loved seeing the horses and thought we were in the forest. might have been the best hour and a half all week! :) Fun to see you this morning!

Heather Ferenc said... the craft idea. i think we will be making some this week. so cute!!!

meghan said...

J, we should be cruising silverado together with the kids in my new bus!

heather, the craft is so fun. we're doing black owls & birds instead of ghosts (haven't gotten to it yet).

see you girls soon!!

Elizabeth said...

love your description of your days... these are good times, no kids in school, free to just be with our kids and take adventures. Im jealous of your minivan (did I just say that?)

Wheelers said...

love this post!