Tuesday, November 10, 2009

here i am

i know. i've been so lame with the blog thing. here are some pics from the past couple months. enjoy and i'll be back here after christmas.... maybe before.

wallace jumping off of everything. especially loving the jump from waterfall into pool.

exploring the beach at sunset. many times.

date nights. this one in fullerton at the art auction.

my cute cute boy just chillin reading a magazine.

some of rian's japan friends in san clemente.

lunch with the mellema's and kids.

disneyland. my packhorse.

wally's first chore chart. 1: make bed. 2: take vitamin. 3: clean up toys.

a super fun halloween. lots of events this year. this one is at 'treats in the streets' in oldtown orange.

halloween parade with my mama's group.

skyler's first pumpkin patch.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This little girl is 6 months old!!

We left the kids with Rian's parents to go watch Pawnshop Kings win enough wooden nickels to open for Cold War Kids the same night.

Lauren & Brian met up with us.

This is not one of Rian's favorite tops that Wallace owns.

We've done many pool days lately with the end of summer heat.

We left Skye at my parents house and took Wally out on a date to Disneyland. It was a Friday night with no lines! I think we did 7 rides, a show, and fireworks... all in just a couple hours.

One of Wallace's favorite things to do is play in our cars with all the buttons and gadgets. This kept him busy for a loooong time while Rian cleaned out the garage this weekend. It took Rian a long time to figure out how Wallace disabled the keyless entry.

Our tomato plant served us well all summer. We just pulled it out and threw in some arugula and brussel sprouts. I think we're gonna try butter lettuce too.

Wallace showing off the red bell peppers we picked today.

Summer softball is officially over with an end of season BBQ at the Kersh's house in Tustin. Here are some of the kids.

I put this up on facebook a while ago. It's Liv and Wally playing baseball. They love playing together...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


In the last week... Wallace began swim lessons, Skyler is sitting up by herself, Gypsy had ear surgery, Rian got a tattoo, Wallace caught a summer cold (and coughed so hard he threw up all over me. And the couch. And Skyler's foot.), Skyler began eating real food, and I... well I don't know what I did. I took care of everyone. Actually, I also read through all the Twilight books, got to go off on my own a couple nights to get a massage, do some errands, grocery shop (alone!), meet some friends, etc. I've been well taken care of too. Beyond this week, here are some pics from the month of August.

Rian, Dave and Colby went to watch the Dodgers beat Atlanta ("In dramatic fashion", Rian says, "with Andre Ethier, Meg's crush, belting a 3-run walkoff homer!")

My mom with her 2 favorite grandkids.

Me and my sweet baby after a bath.

At our ex-neighbors house (they moved a year ago) Wallace LOVED playing dress-up with Dustin and Brandon's halloween clothes. He came out as a cowboy, pirate, and army lieutenant. And then he went and helped himself to a banana in their kitchen.

She loved this bite.

We watched Molly Jenson play at a house concert in Santa Ana.

"Faithful" in Japanese.

Rian's Tuesday night summer softball team.

Wally & Ethan

The cheering squad.

Skyler sitting up (yes, like a monkey).

Monday, August 03, 2009

Paradise Point 2009

This weekend was our annual Wallace Family trip to San Diego with Mimi, all my Aunts and Uncles, my cousins and all their kids. Wallace had a blast playing with all his second cousins and having constant access to the sand and bay. This year everyone was able to be there except for my sister and brother-in-law... who are on a trip to Egypt and Croatia. They were super bummed to miss out. Rian and I love this weekend and look forward to it each year. We're so fortunate to be part of this big family who loves tradition and spending time together. Until next time...

Jack taking Wally and Spencer for a ride.

Wally, Will, Spencer, Kate, Blake and Jack around the kids table.

Wally and Will.

Aunt Carol

Will Parsons digging a hole.

Mimi and all the aunts with the bungalows in the background.

Scott swimming with Wally.

Dance party after the sun goes down.

Jack loving on Skyler.

Skyler attracting a crowd: Evy, Spencer, Kate & Zoey