Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Catalina Island

How were we supposed to know it was a “Private Lounge”? I have to admit I WAS wondering why the Bar Tender kept bringing us drinks and those huge chocochunk cookies. I was ready to pay, but he never charged. The seats were quite comfy- all leather, tons of leg room. I guess we should have known. Anyhoo, the ride to Catalina was plush and delicious.

We were surprised and thrilled to see that our hotel room came with two free tickets for the Glass Bottom Boat. We went straight to the docks. Did you know that the Garabaldi Fish has the ability to change it's sex multiple times throughout it's lifetime? For this and more interesting factoids, hop aboard the Glass Bottom Boat!

We mostly ate during this trip. We did however take time to watch a movie in the definitely haunted old casino. It was so exciting and the building really is breathtaking. After experiencing the “Movie of the Week”, we creeped by the Casino and walked past Descanso Beach and up towards the wilderness. After being sure we were followed and surrounded by the islands scariest of murderers, we realized the sounds and motions were actually just a deer family. It took us 30 minutes to slowly make our way closer and closer without causing a stampede. Soon enough, the big-horned dad gave us the warning look and then took his family up into the hills.

We had a couple famous margaritas, loaded up on junk food for the hotel room, and called it a night. The ride back home was windy and exciting. We decided to let someone else enjoy our seats in the Private Lounge.

First glimpse of the Casino

Rian witnessing the clump of fish

Margarita sipping

Meg by the Casino's back door

About to watch the movie

Rian testing the vintage chairs

The casino IS haunted


Walking around

The ride home