Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long Beach Aquarium

My mom got free tics to the Long Beach Aquarium through her work. We were lucky enough to get them handed down to us, so Saturday we took Wallace and enjoyed an early morning surrounded by fish. We had an awesome time and Wallace loved being able to walk right up to the fish and pound on the glass (it's like 10 inches thick) and squeal at each one. The huge sea bass were a hit and so were all the sharks. Mom, thanks so much. It was a good day!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

7 girls in napa

Last weekend I went to Napa with 6 of my closest friends. We have known each other for years- some since birth, some 2nd grade, and some Jr. High. We kept in touch while being away at colleges & through moves out of state, been in each others weddings, group emailed every week, and taken trips almost every year. It had been a while since our last trip, so we decided to fly up to Alissa's area, and enjoy a weekend away in Napa. I apologize ahead of time for the abundance of pictures below, but I had a hard time sorting out...

This was also my first long weekend away from Wallace. Fortunatelly it was worry-free, as he stayed with Rian's mom Thursday night to Friday, my mom Sunday night to Monday and Rian all weekend. He seemed to have a wonderful time and a weekend full of adventures. I am so fortunate to have both of Wallace's grandparents close by and a husband who loves to be with his son and is willing to let me go away while he stays home feeding, bathing, cooking, waking up early, and being available non-stop to a busy little boy.

On our way and super excited to be flying together.

We took the BART into Concord where Alissa picked us up.

Tim and Alissa made an incredible lunch for us before we rented the car and took off. We also got to enjoy Kate & Amelia, who we don't get to see very often!

On our way to Napa.... not everyone will be thrilled that I posted this pic.

SATURDAY: We got early morning massages and then went to V. Sattui Winery. We did a big grocery run on Friday night so that we could eat breakfast at home and make picnic lunches.

After V. Sattui we went to Sterling Vineyards, where a gondola took us up to a tasting tour with a rooftop patio and beautiful views.

Off in the distance is a castle winery where we stopped on Sunday... the next couple pics are at the castle.


We did a cooking class at the Culinary Institute and then had dinner at their Greystone Restaurant... some of the best food ever.

You can't really tell, but we're out in the herb garden where the students come out and pick all the herbs and spices they cook with.

Some of our entreés...

We lounged around in PJ's each morning and enjoyed the bright living room and front porch of our house.

Monday morning we walked into town for coffee and pastries. That's our rental house and sweet ride in the background.

Alissa, Me, Missy, Heidi, Sara, Val, Juliana.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

On the move

I have lots to post but not enough time. Let's start with 2 weekends ago, Saturday. I promise to put up Napa pics soon.

Playing in the park. You'd think this was on our way home, being exhausted and all. But nope, he wanted to lay on his back on the way to the park. Just kickin back with his pine cone that he found the day before.

"Ladies Club" brunch at Renée's house. We had the most wonderful and healthy brunch. Renée is an incredible cook. These are girls I went to college with. We keep in touch, through our "Ladies Club" outings and just hanging out with the boys since our husbands were all buddies at Biola too.
Kelly, Renée, Beth, Me, Sara

We met Rian's parents for dinner and had fun chasing Wallace all around the patio and water fountains. Here he is with Grandpa.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Things

Some new things around here...

A new reading chair for Wallace. Except, he's not reading here... he's watching a Baby Einstein dvd that I promise he only watches once or twice a month. Serious!

Rian gives his change to Wallace at the end of the day. A new favorite activity is dropping each one into his piggy bank.

Our belly buttons have been big hits lately. It's not uncommon for Wallace to come up to us (or anyone... so watch out), lift our shirts and stick his finger deep in our belly button. It gets really exciting when I'm out in public holding him and he pulls my shirt DOWN from the neck and tries sticking his whole arm down to reach my belly button.

Wallace has really gotten the whole walking thing down. It is really fun for us. This morning he and I went to Balboa Island for breakfast and bird watching.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Rian and I took Wallace to the beach in the early morning to lounge around and watch the waves.

Brian and Beth had us over for a lovely backyard dinner.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

labor day & a belly

totally behind on my blogging. happy labor day weekend! i know, very late. here are some pics from last week. we had a crazy busy and fun labor day weekend, but i was horrible at taking pictures! mark and kara joseph had a pool/s'mores party friday night, saturday we were at my parents pool, sunday was our last volunteer morning in the nursery and then lauren and brian had us up to their new place for dinner. monday we had rian's fam over for a belgian waffle brunch and then celebrated liv's 1st birthday party later that day. sheesh. very fun, but we're ready to rest.

also, i feel like we've had the TV on more the past 4 weeks than the last 4 years. we don't do much TV (plus we only get 4 channels), but the olympics and then the DNC and now the RNC... lots going on.

also again, i'm feeling really good, much better.... for being 14 weeks pregnant! in case some of you didn't know, early march we are due to add another one to our family. we are super excited!

rian's softball was on tuesday nights this summer. wallace really wanted to get in on the action.

my little baby is no longer a baby. look at this BOY! thanks for the pics, beth!

roasting hot dogs on the bay last wednesday night.

friday i spent some time with last years "nurture" (MOPS) girls at fashion island. wallace wishing he brought his fishing pole.

dinner at lauren and brian's new koreatown residence.

liv with her amazing birthday cake.

the mellemas and us got liv this little bouncing pony. she hopped right on. wallace was quick to head her way and here she is telling him how to do it.