Thursday, September 25, 2008

On the move

I have lots to post but not enough time. Let's start with 2 weekends ago, Saturday. I promise to put up Napa pics soon.

Playing in the park. You'd think this was on our way home, being exhausted and all. But nope, he wanted to lay on his back on the way to the park. Just kickin back with his pine cone that he found the day before.

"Ladies Club" brunch at Renée's house. We had the most wonderful and healthy brunch. Renée is an incredible cook. These are girls I went to college with. We keep in touch, through our "Ladies Club" outings and just hanging out with the boys since our husbands were all buddies at Biola too.
Kelly, Renée, Beth, Me, Sara

We met Rian's parents for dinner and had fun chasing Wallace all around the patio and water fountains. Here he is with Grandpa.

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Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, Wallace is SOOO big now! We are all so proud of his walking skills. We will have to stop by again to see your big boy soon.