Thursday, August 28, 2008

Video Overload

Here is Wallace taking some of his first steps last Monday:

Here he is this Monday (a few days ago):

And again, funny ending:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

very old friends

A good friend of mine, Jason Vasquez, is in town from DC this week. We gathered together a little group of old friends from jr. high/high school days at Calvary Church and had brunch at The Filling Station.

From around the table on the left: Josh Simpson, Jon Kearley, Jason Vasquez, Jenni Bair Johnson, Rian, Juliana, Liv & Wallace, Me, Missy Kearley, Val West, Taylor Foss.

Monday, August 25, 2008

weekend update

Saturday morning breakfast.

A boat ride.

We picked up the Hilmersons at the Cannery's slip after their breakfast at Alta. Wallace hadn't napped yet, but made himself at home on J's lap, even while wearing his bulky life jacket.

A very peaceful ride.

Sunday night was Project Hangout's "Concert for a Cause". We picked up Knowlwood's for dinner with Lara & Joe and then ate with the rest on our beach chairs. Besides loving Project Hangout and going to support our friend Ryan Zeulner, we also were there to see Tyrone Wells.

Taylor and Wallace.

A sleepy boy. Out cold for Tyrone's last songs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The kid likes to read. And walk.

Sometimes if Wallace is alone in a room and gets really quiet, I run in to see what he's getting into. Lately, it's been books. Actually, he's been a big fan of books for months and months. You just hold one up, and he'll get the giggles and want to look through it. Each page is funny. The other night he was getting tired and cranky at a restaurant, so we gave him a book and he sat there looking through it and was content the rest of the night. It's great.

Also, he took his first steps last week! I did not think I would see this anytime soon. Like crawling, I thought he would just slowly figure it out over a couple months and there would be no exciting "LOOK! HE'S DOING IT!" with cameras and lights, etc. But all of a sudden last Tuesday, he let go of the ottoman and took 3 or 4 steps towards me, crashing down, and then doing it again and again. My neighbors probably think I'm a complete lunatic, as I was squealing and clapping and yelling "Do it again! You can do it!" all day long. So, I don't know what this means... maybe he'll be walking in a couple days or maybe weeks? Who knows! But it's very fun to watch him learn new things and grow up.

Good night out

John & Renée threw an anniversary party Friday night. John works at Biola, so the party was on the library patio with live music, catered food, and old friends. Renée made the place look awesome. We left Wallace at my parents house to spend the night, allowing us to party and then see a 10:20pm movie. Um, we were the only ones in the theater. Does nobody see late movies anymore? We slept in the next morning and then went to pick up our boy.

Here we are at the party. This is me showing John how to take our picture. Is Rian bothered?

And this is our picture.

John, Brian, Rian

Monday, August 11, 2008

Paradise Point

This weekend was our annual Paradise Point (Mission Bay, San Diego) family trip. Since before I was born, the Wallace family has done a long weekend away each year. Now there are over 30 of us and for the past 8 years or so, we've been doing Paradise Point. Everyone has their own room plus each year someone gets a bayfront bungalow where everyone gathers each day for swimming, s'mores, paddleboarding, waverunners, lots of eating, and just hanging out.

Our little family.

The grounds are beautiful here.

Feeding the ducks.

Wallace and Will "reading" together.

Kate & Wallace.

His favorite chair of the weekend.

Mission Bay.



Will & Spencer breakdancing. The rest of us watching the olympics, I think

Hot Date

Rian got a babysitter (thank you Grandma Kathy!!) and took me out to Crystal Cove. We put our name in at The Beachcomber (always about a 2 hour wait... whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner!) and then walked way (WAY) up the beach and watched the waves from a life guard tower. Dinner was such a beautiful setting. The few times we've eaten here we've always managed to be at our table in perfect timing with the sunset. This night was no exception.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

10-year Reunion

Rian had his 10-year reunion last weekend. As you know, he grew up in Japan and went to CAJ (Christian Academy in Japan) when he wasn't living in Oregon or attending regular Japanese school. Christi, Colby & Rian planned the event and the Joseph Family opened their home to everyone for the weekend. The Joseph's are the coolest family... so generous, fun to be around, encouraging and just a really neat family of eight. Anyway, they were out of town, so the house was ours. Oh, and their house is awesome.

On Saturday we all took a boat ride around Newport Harbor and then went back to the house to swim, play around, and eat dinner. This guy, Jeremy, spent the whole day there, cooking an authentic Japanese meal. It was incredible. Check out the pics from the day. Rian's school was small... nothing like my high school with hundreds of people invited to the reunion. But there were people who flew out from Japan, Connecticut, Missouri and Seattle. The rest of us are from LA/OC area.