Tuesday, August 05, 2008

10-year Reunion

Rian had his 10-year reunion last weekend. As you know, he grew up in Japan and went to CAJ (Christian Academy in Japan) when he wasn't living in Oregon or attending regular Japanese school. Christi, Colby & Rian planned the event and the Joseph Family opened their home to everyone for the weekend. The Joseph's are the coolest family... so generous, fun to be around, encouraging and just a really neat family of eight. Anyway, they were out of town, so the house was ours. Oh, and their house is awesome.

On Saturday we all took a boat ride around Newport Harbor and then went back to the house to swim, play around, and eat dinner. This guy, Jeremy, spent the whole day there, cooking an authentic Japanese meal. It was incredible. Check out the pics from the day. Rian's school was small... nothing like my high school with hundreds of people invited to the reunion. But there were people who flew out from Japan, Connecticut, Missouri and Seattle. The rest of us are from LA/OC area.

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