Thursday, June 24, 2010


Summer is in full effect. Here are some things that June brought us.

Wallace had swim lessons twice a week this month. They were semi-private lessons taught by Kylie at our YMCA. She was awesome and being with 2 other boys made it really fun for Wally.

Celebrating birthdays at the park.

Our neighbors passed around popsicles. I love Wally's dimples. He needs a haircut.

And here is Skye's one dimple. In other news, she attemped to jump the brick stairs at my parents house like her brother does. It didn't end so well.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

phoenix, az

we just got back from our big arizona trip. we left wednesday night at 7pm and our plan worked! the kids slept the whole 5 hours, giving rian and i a fun road trip to just hang out and drive through the desert. we arrived at the pointe hilton squaw peak resort a little after midnight. we were so bummed to see that our patio overlooked the parking lot... but after discussing the disappointment with them... we somehow got upgraded to a 2-story casita with practically our own private pool and jacuzzi out the front door. all at no extra cost! here is a pic of our pool from the front door. so after the kids went down at night (and nap), guess where rian and i were... laying out or sipping wine in the jacuz.

relaxing out at the main pool.

floating down the lazy river.

the kids were not fans of swimming under and behind the waterfall...

basically we swam and ate and slept.

the boys.

my little artist. he concentrates so hard while drawing.

our friend, melissa, from college lives in mesa with her husband, lee, and son aaron. friday night they treated us to a wonderful dinner in their home and we relaxed outside, enjoying the mild weather. we picked the best weekend for the temps... down to about 90 all weekend from 115 the previous week! thanks for such a fun night, stephenson's! we so enjoyed our time with you guys.

wallace & aaron were born only 7 days apart!

aaron is quite the musician. wally tried to keep up with him on the mic.

on saturday we went to joel's house (rian's bro) in tempe. he gave us a tour, we hit up the neighborhood park, and then went out to dinner for his birthday. afterwards we walked around downtown tempe. it is such a fun place! had we no children, we would have played downtown into the wee hours of the night... :)

we dreaded the middle-of-the-day ride home on sunday. but between solid naps, the doodle, the dvd player, snacks, and one stop... it was really pleasant. i'm not saying there were no tears (skyler)... but overall, it was a quick and fun trip home.


My parents Bible Study does an annual family pool day bbq called, yes, "Waleppkenschlick". A little combo of their lasts names. Those clever old folks, you never know what they'll come up with! Here we are, not all of us, but most...

notice how perfect all the kids are sitting... except for the 2 on either end.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

The kids spent the night at my parents house Friday night so Rian and I could go out on the town and enjoy a quiet breakfast the next morning. We picked them up Saturday and that night went to Lauren & Brian's housewarming party in LA. Beforehand we played at a park under the Hollywood sign.

We had this family over for dinner Sunday night. Here are the kids waiting for them to arrive.

Rian's sister, Bri, scored us all great seats to the Dodger's game Monday night. We sat behind Manny who threw a ball up to Rian. Wallace was very happy.