Thursday, January 28, 2010

over the weekend

breakfast time

skyler was dedicated at our church this weekend. this is all i've got to prove it, until the real pictures come from the photographer. that's skyler behind the huge flower on her head.

rian's grandparents, mamo & papa, are were in town and we got to spend some quality time with them. we hope to visit soon up at their place. my daughter is the one giving everyone a peep show.

the garden got a facelift with some new herbs and more lettuce. that's the brussel sprouts rockin it up front.

Friday, January 15, 2010

to blog or not to blog...

i still have not decided. i've enjoyed the break but i've also missed sharing captured moments. here is a catch-up.

the little boy, so excited for his boat ride to the island.

goodbye long beach... hello avalon.

our rental cottage by the sea. rian and my bedroom happened to be right above the psychic. lucky, i know.

from our balcony we saw this.

and this.

and this too. and there is rian and his son walking back from the park behind them. we had a perfect location.

in our downtime we played with this helocopter christmas present we gave my dad.

gigi brought playdough for wallace. it was a hit. with gigi.

an early morning walk while the rest of the fam slept. lazy dogs.

a good looking couple.

wallace and his aunt lolo.

it was a windy day on the island.

all the ladies.


that is not a urine sample.

playing by the casino.

a sleepy girl naps with her daddy.


the fam.

and on the wall behind them? a framed woman with a breast hanging out. why.

boat ride home.

new years eve weekend

dinner with dear friends before calling in early on new years eve. rian and i put the kids down and sat around the table enjoying chocolate fondue. we were sleeping by 11pm.

we celebrated jeff green's birthday at his parents house with a bunch of old college friends.

i think the rest of the kids had either fallen off the couch or were running away hiding.

for my birthday, i was taken to manhattan beach for a nice drive, delicious dinner, and a long walk. our second date night of the weekend. we are so spoiled to have both grandparents living close by!

i love this man.

out for my birthday with J and lara.

i get to play with these two every day. seriously? i know.


christmas eve with rian's family.

christmas day at my parents.