Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Train

Wallace & Liv had the time of their lives on the Christmas Train at Crystal Court this morning. I thought Wallace would scream or try to escape, but Liv's enthusiasm and waving at the (creepy) Santa Tree got him more excited about it. They were all smiles the whole time.

Wallace Christmas Party

Our annual Wallace Family Christmas Party was the weekend. I love this tradition... it's such a fun time to catch up with my dads cousins, my second cousins (along with my first cousins, aunts and uncles, etc). I was horrible at taking pictures but fortunately Erika got some cute ones. Here is one of Wallace and Spencer playing together. We did our $10 gift exchange and there's always some doosies. Luckily I scored a great gift (from Alyssa: an awesome candle PLUS a gift card to Yogurtland. MMMM!) Rian got a bar of soap with a rolled up bill ($) inside. We've been doing a lot of hand washing lately, because we're dying to find out if it's a $1, $5, $10 or $50!! I know, we could just cut it open, but that would jinx it and it definitely would only be a $1. I'm hoping for a $50.

December in Southern California

On Saturday, Rian and I made sand castles and chased waves with Wallace all morning.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Christmas Tree

Early last week, we picked out our tree at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds. Wallace was so excited about this adventure. He was running up and down the isles smelling trees and collecting sticks and branches.

How to take a shower with a toddler running around the house

i either have to wake up early (no... i'm sleeping as much as i can before march comes around) OR shower the night before (that isn't pretty the next day) OR pile as many toys as i can into my room and hope he doesn't kill himself while i'm showering. i've been doing that last one, but for the past couple weeks all he cares about is this stupid box and he'll sit in it for 20-30 minutes- playing, talking, reading, hiding, etc... i LOVE this box. i'm going to put boxes all over my house.

Bath Time


A few weeks ago Rian left Wallace and I to go camping with Colby, Chaz, the pop-up trailer, the boat, and the dogs: Gypsy & Miles. Here's a pic I took as they were leaving and another couple Rian sent me from the lake (Lake Silverwood). They had a blast. Rian might write more later...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

thanksgiving week

we had a wonderful thanksgiving celebration full of family events and nights with dear friends. we are so blessed and have much to be thankful for.

TUESDAY: we went to my aunt and uncles house for a thanksgiving dinner but also (and mostly) to welcome my cousin nathan home from deployment. his wife, karisa, gave birth to their baby girl, audrey, while nathan was gone. this was our first time seeing audrey in person and she is so adorable! we had such a great time of hanging out with my cousins and catching up with nathan.

(back row: cousins lizzy, sarah, nathan. front row: rian, wallace, brian, me, lauren, karisa, audrey)

WEDNESDAY: here is beth and i taking an awkward smile photo. this was our monthly neighbor dinner (we both live in the wonderful city of santa ana). the joneses made "brinner" for us, so we all wore pj's.

THURSDAY: thanksgiving this year was with the kennedy's. we had a really nice time and great food. wallace loved sitting with "uncle z" and playing games on his iPhone.

FRIDAY: this was rian's 29th birthday! i made his favorite cake (kahlua rum) and wallace (fine, me too) stayed in his pj's because he wasn't feeling good. that night we went to gabi's in orange for good mexican food and then out to a movie. wallace got to spend the night at gigi & poppa's so that we could stay out as late as we wanted! thanks mom & dad!!

SATURDAY: the hartmans had us and the zeulners over for dinner. we had this amazing lasagna and i need to get the recipe! thanks you guys. we love our dinners with you and the kids.

SUNDAY: my family celebrated rian's birthday sunday with a train ride to fullerton and dinner at the old spaghetti factory. on the ride over, wallace was entertained by the finger puppets my mom keeps in her purse for him. aunt lolo got really into it, as you can see. actually, so did my dad (see far right of photo). i think the whole train was pretty entertained throughout the ride.