Friday, June 10, 2011

three kid update

charlie is 8 weeks old (yesterday) and sleeps 7-8 hours through the night. he's usually down for the count by 10pm and up around 5am. he has been so easy. loves to just sit, chill and look around. he loves being held by anyone and has been giving out big smiles for the last week or so.

skyler is potty training this week. see next post. she is so helpful with charlie. she is fun. super rambunctious. especially in the morning. i love her energy. she loves riding her razor around the neighborhood and is faster and better at it than anyone in our family.

wallace turns 4 next month! we so enjoy being around him. he keeps up with long conversations and asks meaningful questions about people, places, how things work and why we do things. he loves to please us and do what he knows is right. he's super helpful around the house and has gotten a lot more freedom with where he can go, what he can do, how late he stays up, etc. he is awesome.

sleeping boys in the family room.
skye in her cigarette box.


here we go again. this time it's skyler's turn. we do potty training bootcamp. mostly because i despise it and i want to get it over with fast. skyler woke up tuesday morning to her first gift... big girl undies! a pack of 7 and she peed through all of them (plus a pair of wallace's :) before lunchtime. but that's all it took. the rest of the day, plus day 2, 3 and today... no pee accidents. she runs to the toilet herself and she loves it. POOP on the otherhand... she skipped out on it the first day, then day 2 and 3 she somehow snuck away and pooped in her undies. today she's yet to go and really nervous about pushing it out in the pot. i'm hoping it'll take one success to make it a regular thing. good times...

watching and waiting. enjoying "elmo goes potty" together in the bathroom.
we spent all of the first day outside or on the wood floor, which was a good call on my part (hello 8 accidents in the first 4 hours).

for grandpa

rian's parents took wallace out on a special date to see pinocchio in the theater on wednesday night. the kids just eat up one-on-one time with the grandparents. i know they will love these memories. rian's dad also left us with goodies from the garden he started with wallace and skyler.

grandpa, the kids say thank you. they ate up your tomatoes like apples!

a(nother) wedding

sara got married this weekend. one of my dearest friends and college roommate. it was beautiful. fairytale like. look at her and sean. i love them. so perfect for each other. she found a good man and sean... he scored big too.
little ring bearer with mama.
from the neck up, you can't even tell i'm 7 weeks postpartum!! ;)
thanks beth for the pics!