Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

goodbye crib!

yesterday morning we took out wallace's crib and moved it into skyler's room (pictures coming soon). for now, wallace will sleep on a mattress on his floor, so that we won't have to deal with falling out of bed. we've got a safety door knob cover so that he won't sneak out of his room and wander around the neighborhood at night. i'll keep you posted on this new transition. so far, he has been AWESOME and i couldn't be more proud of him. we've made such a big deal about this new bed and how cool it is. he was so excited to be able to crawl into bed himself. he spent a good portion of the morning running back and forth from skyler's room to his room, flopping onto his bed and squealing. here's how the first day went down:

11:02am: put wallace in bed for nap with teddy and blankie. kissed him goodnight. sit at door.
11:02 and 30 seconds am: screaming at his door (from wallace, not me) and door nob shaking all around. go inside put him back in bed and remind him that he MUST stay on his bed during his nap. ask if he wants to pray (again). he puts his hands out to be held (meaning yes). we ask jesus to help wallace take a good (ie LONG) nap, to remember to stay on his bed, and to have sweet dreams. amen (wallace repeats the amen). i leave.
11:03-11:17am: screams, then cries, then soft hums, then silence. but ALL from his bed. i love this kid!
11:20am: rian and i peek in and he's asleep with his legs hanging off the mattress on the floor. this works.
1:20pm: wallace wakes up crying on his mattress and rian and i jump in bed with him and celebrate his first nap in his new bed.

8:15pm (normally 7pm, but we were out): put wallace in bed, snuggle, pray, kisses, leave.
8:17pm: after some cries from his bed, he is silent. we peek in and he is spread eagle on his bed sleeping with teddy.
6:00am: i hear talking and the closet door opening and closing. i also hear running around in his room. hmmm. he's up. i think this weekend we'll celebrate sleeping all night in his new bed. next week i'll tackle the whole "you DO NOT get out of bed at 6am" part.

so far... so good. and very, very fun!

preggo update

belly pictures to come soon...
yes, it's 4:59 in the morning and i've been sitting in bed reading online news, other people's blogs, organizing photos, etc since 3:45am. i remember being pregnant with wallace towards the end and waking up in the middle of the night just not being able to sleep. i think it's good prep for the nightly wake-ups i'll be having with this new baby. as of last week, i have some other enjoyable preggo symptoms returning in the same fashion as my last pregnancy. friday i noticed my feet have become swollen. beautiful. next thing will be the cankles. on the same day, i was cutting up food for wallace and my hand went numb and tingly. pregnancy carpal tunnel. it's a real thing. i had it with wallace. i continue to have lower back pain, stomach tightness, and femoral nerve pain (sciatica but front of thigh, down to the knee). none of these symptoms, fortunately, are anything too horrible. i can still play with wallace, run errands (even if for only 10 minutes), and have a husband who has been bending over backwards serving me and treating me like a queen. i have nothing to complain about.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've been trying to lay low this month as I prepare for Skyler's arrival and my last few weeks of it being (just) me and Wallace. We have anywhere from 4-7 weeks left. 6.5 weeks until the due date (March 11) or 4 weeks until our "be prepared" time that Dr. Zepeda warned us of. Since Wallace was early, he said there's a better chance of Skyler coming early too. I don't know if that is a bummer or really exciting. I'm ready to have my body back and lay on my tummy when I sleep. And I'm very excited to meet Skyler and add her to our family. But giving up my special time with Wallace and his full attention from me will be bittersweet. I think he will do really well though. He's been around a few different babies in the last few weeks and gets really excited about them. His first move is to go in for kisses, snuggles and toe tickling (where he makes a really loud scary tickle sound). Obviously, with these other babies, we've had to hold him back. But he will be such a snuggler to Skyler. I'm excited for that.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks:

Rian's parents took us to see "Barefoot in the Park" at the Glendale Theater. They have season tickets and have been able to see a bunch of cool plays with their friends.

Rian and Wallace spent some time cleaning out the garage.

I'm in a mama's group Thursday nights with these amazing young moms my age. We meet up late, after we've put the kids down, while our husbands stay home. It has been wonderful. I love each of them and their uniqueness as a mom and wife. I've learned so much from them and our discussions. Suzy's son, David, turned ONE and she had us over to celebrate.

Rian's grandparents from Oregon come down every year in January. Here are pics from dinner at his parents house.

Wallace was fascinated with the boys next door playing basketball.

Uncle Z playing with Wallace.

Mamo and Papa watching Wallace play with his Duplo's.

Papa Larabee reading with his great grandson.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Xander & Jax

Our very good friends Joe & Lara delivered their twin boys on December 21st. They were a little early but healthy and sooo adorable & tiny. Here is a pic of Xander and I in the hospital when he was a couple days old. The next pic is Rian holding Xander in the nursery after he was able to come home. Lara & Joe went out that night to bring Jax home too! It is so exciting. Wallace will have fun having two more guy friends around, but Skyler will be so close in age to them too. It is a very fun season of life to be in with our friends. These boys are very fortunate to have Lara & Joe as their mom and dad. They will make a great team and be wonderful parents.

christmas with the girls

we did our annual christmas dinner later this year, while liss would be down from concord. here we are at the melting pot in brea. they have a "girls night out" 4-course meal special which was super filling and tasty.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


i'm finally caught up on my blogging, i think. what a fun month we had celebrating christmas and teaching wallace about jesus being born on earth for us to be saved if we choose Him. and that being the symbolism behind the gifts we give to each other... Jesus being the ultimate gift to us. i also love reading the christmas story about the wisemen bringing gifts to Jesus at his home. christmas is such a fun, magical, and symbolic season. i'm sad to see it gone, but on this New Years day, look forward to another huge year ahead of us. we are so excited!

on new years eve we dropped wallace off with rian's parents to spend the night. we are SOOOOOO fortunate to have both of our parents living within 20 minutes, enabling us to get away whenever we need to for a couple hours, a whole night, a weekend, or HECK a couple months. not that we have, but sometimes that sounds awesome. we rang in the new year with some friends and i surprisingly lasted the whole night. it was very fun. rian and i slept in today, woke up and enjoyed being able to lounge in bed without a toddler coming in, crawling all over us and slobbering our face with kisses. actually we missed it a bit. we had breakfast at pacific whey down in crystal cove. we love going there. it was beautiful today and we enjoyed a slow breakfast and then our traditional time of making new years goals and looking over last years. rian and i are big goal makers and have so much fun doing this and encouraging each other in our different goals. we picked wallace up around 1:30 and stuck around the kennedy's to watch USC win big time at the rose bowl.

Christmas Morning and Lake Arrowhead

My parents have a tradition of taking us kids away for a long weekend trip after Christmas. This year we went to Lake Arrowhead where they had rented a cabin for us to relax in, eat, play games and just be together. It was wonderful. Before leaving, we spent Christmas morning looking through our stockings, opening gifts and enjoying my mom's amazing Christmas breakfast that she makes each year.

Here is Wallace enjoying some of his new gifts.

He loves his new teddy bear slippers from GiGi and Poppa.


Wallace wishing he could play out in the snow on the deck. And that he wasn't wearing that stupid hat.

Lauren and my mom working in the kitchen.

Rian and Brian shoveling snow off of the spa.

Lauren and Wallace watching them work.

The boys BBQing our dinner and playing baseball with snowballs.

Wallace's new rain/snow boots from Uncle Bumble (Brian) and Aunt LoLo (Lauren).

More Christmas

Wallace and Gypsy getting into the Christmas spirit.

Grandma & Grandpa Kennedy gave Wallace some magnet letters for Christmas. They're more of a gift for me as they keep him so busy in the kitchen while I cook!

Wallace and Aunt Bri snuggling on the couch.

Uncle Z (Rian's brother Joel) gave Wallace his first set of legos. He LOVES them.

The Wallace side of the family (my dad's side- "Wallace" being my maiden name) celebrates Christmas in a big way. LOTS of incredible food, a big gift exchange, and this year, my cousin Nina (and her girls, Zoe and Evy) playing Christmas carols for all of us to sing. As usual, this gathering was very special to us and a lot of fun.