Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Xander & Jax

Our very good friends Joe & Lara delivered their twin boys on December 21st. They were a little early but healthy and sooo adorable & tiny. Here is a pic of Xander and I in the hospital when he was a couple days old. The next pic is Rian holding Xander in the nursery after he was able to come home. Lara & Joe went out that night to bring Jax home too! It is so exciting. Wallace will have fun having two more guy friends around, but Skyler will be so close in age to them too. It is a very fun season of life to be in with our friends. These boys are very fortunate to have Lara & Joe as their mom and dad. They will make a great team and be wonderful parents.

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christy said...

Are you even kidding me?!?! That nursery is to DIE for!!! Oh my gosh. I can't believe the GREEN rocking chair! I love it! Cute little twin boys too and I love their awesome, names. Congrats to your friend. and tell her extra congrats on the cutest twin boy nursery EVER! (Is this the friend who have the peas in the water of the flowers at the shower?)