Thursday, January 01, 2009


i'm finally caught up on my blogging, i think. what a fun month we had celebrating christmas and teaching wallace about jesus being born on earth for us to be saved if we choose Him. and that being the symbolism behind the gifts we give to each other... Jesus being the ultimate gift to us. i also love reading the christmas story about the wisemen bringing gifts to Jesus at his home. christmas is such a fun, magical, and symbolic season. i'm sad to see it gone, but on this New Years day, look forward to another huge year ahead of us. we are so excited!

on new years eve we dropped wallace off with rian's parents to spend the night. we are SOOOOOO fortunate to have both of our parents living within 20 minutes, enabling us to get away whenever we need to for a couple hours, a whole night, a weekend, or HECK a couple months. not that we have, but sometimes that sounds awesome. we rang in the new year with some friends and i surprisingly lasted the whole night. it was very fun. rian and i slept in today, woke up and enjoyed being able to lounge in bed without a toddler coming in, crawling all over us and slobbering our face with kisses. actually we missed it a bit. we had breakfast at pacific whey down in crystal cove. we love going there. it was beautiful today and we enjoyed a slow breakfast and then our traditional time of making new years goals and looking over last years. rian and i are big goal makers and have so much fun doing this and encouraging each other in our different goals. we picked wallace up around 1:30 and stuck around the kennedy's to watch USC win big time at the rose bowl.

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Allie said...

I loved all the pics-those snow/rain boots of Wallace's are too much cuteness!

Happy New Year!