Friday, December 28, 2007


Christmas time was a blast. We had a solid week of family Christmas events and parties with friends. Wallace is such a trooper. We love bringing him along with us and seeing our friends and relatives hold him and get to know him. However, I think he is ready to slow down a bit and be in bed at his normal time. We're excited about that too!

Check out these pics. Another exciting thing was seeing Wallace sit up by himself! He also loves to hold on to things while standing. He likes using his legs.

Gypsy & Oliver relaxing together.
Here is Wallace opening presents at the Wallace (my dad's side of the family) Family Christmas at the Parsons house in San Clemente. These are gifts from my aunts. He loved all the new sounds.

Lake Arrowhead

As many of you know, each year my parents take us all on a 2-night secret trip. It's a secret because they don't tell us where we're going until Christmas day. We spend the month guessing and trying to get it out of them. On the day, we come packed with bags and ready to go. After stockings, gifts and a big breakfast, we load up and take off. This year we rented a cabin in Lake Arrowhead. It was extra special, having two new members in the family. We all had so much fun together. This is the view from our deck:

Here were the stockings. And Wallace.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


escapes us as this busy month passes by. the past week has been full of fun & memorable times with family and friends. Here's an overview:

wallace's dimpled smile in his dorky (yet very cute) hat.

somebody sleeping through the boat parade.

looking at lights in naples (long beach)... an annual tradition with friends from college.

yes, we left wallace at home in exchange for gypsy. like old times.

christmas dinner with the girls. this year we went to savannah (formerly chat noir) and sat in the louvre!

we met lara at the grove in los angeles. here she is bravely holding him while he eats (this can be a very messy ordeal).

a little christmas dinner with a few friends at our house. we had chili, cornbread, hot chocolate... perfect for the rainy night. we also had wallace entertain us.

saying goodnight before going to bed (wallace, not me).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Merry Christmas from us!

Here's a little something special for all of you....
Click HERE and enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Wedding

We were up in Santa Barbara for the wedding of Shin & Sarah, two friends from college. Santa Barbara is always so gorgeous and the weather of course was beautfiul this weekend. I wish we took more pics... but here's what we ended up with.

At the wedding there was this photo booth. It was so rad. Wallace was asleep at this point, but we took a cute one with him earlier that ended up in the guest book.

This is Wallace back at the hotel. He slept through most of the wedding reception (somehow sleeping through all the dance music) and was ready to crash for the night in his pack'n'play here.

We had lunch with some of our friends on the beach the next morning.

This was so fun... we drove through the Malibu canyons on the way home because we wanted to check out the fire country. And it was pretty crazy. Then we took PCH all the way home and it was absolutely stunning. The views of Catalina this weekend were crystal clear. The lights of Avalon, looking up and down the coast, the salty air.... I love where we live.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Friday, December 07, 2007


Wallace is keeping me busy. Each day is full of nursing, real food feedings, nap time, tummy time, reading, and so on. We snuggle on the couch, we listen to music, we laugh and roll on the floor (mostly he rolls on the floor. I don't really). Anyway, we also go shopping (especially this month) and meet friends for coffee, lunch, or walks. This week Wallace was able to see Jenni at her house, Avery & Sam at The Block and Juliana & Liv at the beach. He and I have so much fun together. Wallace is so layed back and easy to please. He is smiling at most any stranger who looks at him. He seems to brighten everyone's day, as they think they're the only one he smiles at or something. His latest trick is rolling over, which he started doing on Thanksgiving day. It's so fun for us to watch him grow and change.


Last week Wallace began eating his first foods. He's eating rice cereal mixed with a little fruit or veggies to give it some flavor. The stuff tastes nasty by itself. He still trying to figure out the whole spoon thing. As you can see, most of it ends up on the bib, his face, my arm, the floor, and then in Gypsy's mouth. Look at the pic of Gypsy watching Wallace eat. She's so jealous!