Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Goals

Updated Chore Chart

Summer is winding down and I need to get my act together. We've been in vacation mode for a long time and I think we're all ready for some structure. We decided to do preschool at home for Wallace (Skyler will join along for most of it). We may or may not send the others to preschool, but for now, saving almost 3K, enjoying more time with Wally before he spends 13+ years away from us in school each day, allowing more time for he and Skyler to foster their relationship... it all seems to make sense. Plus it's less running around for us and more time playing with friends and doing fun things during the day. Win Win. We're doing this preschool curriculum which I'm really excited about and I've got some other fun ideas. Here's our weekly plan (and if your kids aren't in preschool, join along!):

Monday: library and ymca (kids program and workout for me!)
Tuesday: field trip (disney, science center, zoo, ocean, museum, etc)
Wednesday: nurture at RH
Thursday: ymca and serve day
Friday: playdate with friends

I'm also considering waking up an hour before the kids do. I think I'll feel more refreshed and energized if I'm showered, dressed, and had a few minutes of quiet time time before the kids wake up. But in the moment (6am), none of those reasons seem to matter, so I'm still considering before I make a commitment...

September... we're (almost) ready for you!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wally's Sleepover

For Wallace's birthday, Lauren and Brian gave him a day and night of fun at their house. Rian had some meetings in L.A. Wednesday, so Wally rode the train up with him. Lauren and Brian picked him up at Union Station. Here he is leaving our house, so excited.
The train at Griffith Park.
L.A. Zoo
Making Lemonade with Aunt Lo.
Playing on Uncle Bumble's drums.
Making Pizza.
Making a fort, eating dinner inside and watching Robin Hood (his fave)!
Pancakes for breakfast before heading back home. Wally was in heaven the whole time. We love you L & B. Thanks for the pics! ;)


Paradise Point came and went. Always LOVE this San Diego weekend with my extended family. Almost all of us leaving lunch at the Barefoot Bar:
A weekend of just this...
Rian and Scott back from a paddle.
Cousins Against Cancer. All the second cousins at their lemonade stand for HOAG in honor of Aunt Carol. :)
Family share time...

More fun

After Paradise Point, my family extended vacation by taking Monday off to play some more. We rented a duffy boat and explored around Newport Bay, then we lounged by the pool all day and finished off with dinner at Knowlwood.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

OHIO.... for a wedding!

Top 10 reasons I loved this trip
1. Ohio. My first time in the midwest was way cooler than I thought it would be. The quaint little towns, old homes, huge backyards, and woodsy areas totally charmed me.
2. Flying. There is something so thrilling about airports and airplanes. The people watching, the take-off and landing, the way the terrain changes as you fly over each state, the free drink coupons...
3. Vacationing with friends. Getting a rental car, driving in a new place, getting lost, finding coffee shops, admiring the neighborhoods. So fun.
4. A destination wedding. Something about everyone coming together from all different states (and countries), staying in the same hotel, eating breakfast each morning together, staying up until 1 or 2am. It felt like being back in the college dorms.
5. Chelsea & Colby's wedding programs. They were so cute. So unique. Ok, so the whole wedding was this way. And Chels & Colbs were so fun to watch together. So excited that they are married and will only living 20 minutes away!
6. Late night bonding in the hotel room with a bunch of girls who married or are dating other Japan boys. Laughs about their innocence but also their shenanigans, how sexy it is when they speak Japanese, and the bond that those boys will forever share.
7. The indoor pool. I love indoor pools. I love the chlorine and humidity that rushes your face when you open the door. Rian hates indoor pools. Because of the reason I just mentioned.
8. Fireflies on the wedding lawn while running around with sparklers.
9. Watching Rian dance at the wedding. Waching Charlie dance with Rian.
10. Bonding with Charlie. This was the first time (except for his first couple days in the hospital) that we spent significant time with just Charlie. Both Rian and I felt extra bonded with this guy. He was so sweet on the plane rides and we enjoyed snuggling and making him laugh the whole way. He is at such an easy age right now where he slept everywhere we went and we could take him anywhere at anytime in his little carseat.

Wedding rehearsal at Chelsea's parents house.

Rehearsal dinner and some of the best Thai food ever! Phil Nelson and some friends from college...
A bunch of Japan boys and their wives. LOVED spending time with each of these couples.
Charlie getting ready for the wedding.
Loved seeing all the boys together in their skinny ties and suspenders.

I love Chelsea's style. She looked gorgeous. Love this picture of she and her dad.
Praying over the bride and groom.
The Japan group.
Beth & Brian Jones, Shin and I.
The groom and his best men.
Charlie on the dance floor.
Classy family.
Another late night with some of the Japan crew after the wedding. Jacuzzi and hotel bar.