Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall Goals

Updated Chore Chart

Summer is winding down and I need to get my act together. We've been in vacation mode for a long time and I think we're all ready for some structure. We decided to do preschool at home for Wallace (Skyler will join along for most of it). We may or may not send the others to preschool, but for now, saving almost 3K, enjoying more time with Wally before he spends 13+ years away from us in school each day, allowing more time for he and Skyler to foster their relationship... it all seems to make sense. Plus it's less running around for us and more time playing with friends and doing fun things during the day. Win Win. We're doing this preschool curriculum which I'm really excited about and I've got some other fun ideas. Here's our weekly plan (and if your kids aren't in preschool, join along!):

Monday: library and ymca (kids program and workout for me!)
Tuesday: field trip (disney, science center, zoo, ocean, museum, etc)
Wednesday: nurture at RH
Thursday: ymca and serve day
Friday: playdate with friends

I'm also considering waking up an hour before the kids do. I think I'll feel more refreshed and energized if I'm showered, dressed, and had a few minutes of quiet time time before the kids wake up. But in the moment (6am), none of those reasons seem to matter, so I'm still considering before I make a commitment...

September... we're (almost) ready for you!


Wheelers said...

tell me more about your chore chart.... it is so cute!

Elizabeth said...

Just started waking up before the kids, trying to fit in running and shower... the days I do are the best. Its beginning to be a habit (except for Sat. and Sun.). I want to hear more about the chore chart too.

meghan said...

thanks girls. it's an updated version of the one i made the kids a year ago or so. i put them up on etsy:

do you want one? don't go through etsy, let me know.
it's been working really well with my kids. ;)