Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kiddos Valentine Party

Sarah Petar knows how to throw a good party. The kind where every beautiful and creative detail has been though out. She is thoughtful, generous, and brave... throwing a party for friends with our 25 little ones, in her new beautiful Ladera Ranch home.
Wally and Skye taking it all in.
This years valentines.
Boxes for all the valentine treats.
Cinnamon rolls on a stick.
Craft table.
Coffee for the mamas.
Strawberry milk jugs.
Photo bench.
Scarlett and Charlie.
We always attempt this...
The valentine loot... such creative ones this year.

Valentine Dinner with Loved Ones

Gypsy got cleaned.
The glasses got washed.
The appetizers and bubbly wine were served.
The party got started.
Macylou was guest of honor.
Not the bachelorette, but our dinner table.
Candlelight, Paleo, and pomegranate water.
Valentine girls.
Game time dessert #2.
Macy and I, playing the Game of Things.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Valentine's Ball

Seriously, she's been looking forward to this all week. Mission Hope Church in Tustin hosted a community Father Daughter Valentine's Ball. They got dressed up and spent the evening making valentine cards for each other, playing games, eating tons of desserts and dancing the night away.
She's got a good move and it's called The Spin.