Thursday, July 31, 2008


Last week we traveled to Portland and then to a little town called Jefferson, to visit Rian's relatives and attend his cousins wedding. We had a wonderful time. It was so relaxing and our 4th trip to Oregon, staying on his grandparents farm. Wallace did awesome on his first ever flight. I was prepared with a bag full of every distraction known, but ended up only pulling out a couple books, a pretzel or two and a bottle. He was so excited to have so much to look at and play with in the plane. He spent much of his time pointing and laughing at the lady sleeping behind us, playing with the armrest gadgets, and sitting on some old lady's lap across the row.

This is the view of Mamo & Papa's house as we pull up.

One thrill for Wallace was watching the llamas.

Mamo & Papa have a swing set out back which Wallace enjoyed immensely.

Time with his great-grandma.

The night before the wedding was a BBQ at Rian's cousins' house (The Barnett's). They live across the farm from his grandparents in a beautiful house with an incredible garden. More pics of that later. Here is Uncle Dwight swinging Wallace all around.

This is Rian's dad, reading to Wallace and his cousin, Alannah.

Towards the end, everyone gathered around Kim & Byron to pray for the wedding and their upcoming marriage together. Both Kim & Byron come from incredible families who love and serve the Lord.

THE BIG DAY. The wedding was Monday night at "The Oregon Gardens". OH, before this, we went to Eugene to hang out with Rian's sister Jessa, her husband Nick, and the kids (Emberlea & Alannah). We got a tour of the new house that they bought, had a great lunch and then walked to the park to play. We didn't even think to take any pictures! And here's the wedding that night...

Rian and our neice, Emberlea.

Here is the Barnett's home again. These next two garden pics are mostly for my mom to see. :)

Right now the Barnett's are raising 4 baby cows. They just graduated from being bottled fed with milk.

Wallace and I with Mindy, Rian's cousin.

This is the road back from the Barnett's home to Mamo & Papa's house.

We'd sit many times on those chairs behind me watching over the farms and the weather change... see below.

Rian and Papa playing horseshoes.

Here we all are before leaving. What a great trip. We adore Mamo & Papa and had such a relaxing time and neat conversations with them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wallace turns ONE!!!

His birthday is actually today, but we celebrated Sunday with some family and Wallace's closest friends (OK, our closest friends).

A timeline through his first year.

A good mix for Arnold Palmers.

Ice cream sundae bar.

"TAYLOR! Where have you been all my life?" He is always very grabby with Taylor and I think has a little crush on this older girl.

Friends from college with little Ethan Cleary & Emma Hartman.

Life Group friends and neighbors we grew up with in the background.

Tim & Jenni.

The cake arrives...

"And what am I supposed to do with this?"

"Oh, I see"

"I think I feel sick. Get me outta here."

Wallace got beautiful and such fun gifts. He is a very lucky boy to be loved by so many people.

Thank you everybody for celebrating with us! We love you.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lime Face

Wallace was so curious about this lime. He's tried them before and had the same reaction. He must have forgotten.

WHEN is my dad getting home?

Wallace knows his dad comes home up the walkway in front of the window. Sometimes he waits for him.

Friday, July 18, 2008

say hello to my new boyfriend

i got to do rian's hair the other day. i put in a lot of effort to perfectly straighten and style it.

i do hope you are not terribly disappointed by my lack of blogging lately. summer is in full effect and we have been so busy but with lots of fun. tuesday night softball has begun for rian and his buddies. a tradition with college friends started after graduation sometime. i'll post pics sometime of us wives and kids playing in the stands. thursday night life group continues through the summer and we've enjoyed some good pool nights and bbq's. we've been spending many days and nights in and around my parents pool, enjoying the summer air walking around balboa island, eating out at friends homes, and just playing. thank goodness for wallace's pack and play. we have used that thing more than ever since he has been born. it's like his second bed and has allowed us to stay late at friends homes while he sleeps soundly in a quiet room.

pictures coming soon of somebody's 1st BIRTHDAY being celebrated this weekend!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Oliver & Wallace

They even lounge the same way.

4th of July and the weekend

The day was spent playing by the pool and more pure relaxation.

Yes, my dad is reading the gossip mag.

Wallace had his first bike ride.

A happy rider with good helmet head.

4th of July night, we watched fireworks with the Hartmans & the Kersh's in Irvine.

Beforehand, we all played by the Hartman's pool and then enjoyed a great spread of a meal! **EDIT: And did I forget to mention that Rian made us calamari steaks with the squid he caught last weekend? He did... and it was a hit.