Friday, July 18, 2008

say hello to my new boyfriend

i got to do rian's hair the other day. i put in a lot of effort to perfectly straighten and style it.

i do hope you are not terribly disappointed by my lack of blogging lately. summer is in full effect and we have been so busy but with lots of fun. tuesday night softball has begun for rian and his buddies. a tradition with college friends started after graduation sometime. i'll post pics sometime of us wives and kids playing in the stands. thursday night life group continues through the summer and we've enjoyed some good pool nights and bbq's. we've been spending many days and nights in and around my parents pool, enjoying the summer air walking around balboa island, eating out at friends homes, and just playing. thank goodness for wallace's pack and play. we have used that thing more than ever since he has been born. it's like his second bed and has allowed us to stay late at friends homes while he sleeps soundly in a quiet room.

pictures coming soon of somebody's 1st BIRTHDAY being celebrated this weekend!!!


juliana said...

I like the straight hair. Maybe you should get up early every morning and do that for him. That would be so nice of you.

Carlie said...

Looks like you have my schedule these days:) So glad your having a fun summer Meghan!!! Can't wait to see pics of Wallace's birthday.