Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wallace turns ONE!!!

His birthday is actually today, but we celebrated Sunday with some family and Wallace's closest friends (OK, our closest friends).

A timeline through his first year.

A good mix for Arnold Palmers.

Ice cream sundae bar.

"TAYLOR! Where have you been all my life?" He is always very grabby with Taylor and I think has a little crush on this older girl.

Friends from college with little Ethan Cleary & Emma Hartman.

Life Group friends and neighbors we grew up with in the background.

Tim & Jenni.

The cake arrives...

"And what am I supposed to do with this?"

"Oh, I see"

"I think I feel sick. Get me outta here."

Wallace got beautiful and such fun gifts. He is a very lucky boy to be loved by so many people.

Thank you everybody for celebrating with us! We love you.


Dave Donaldson said...

Thanks for including us in Wallace's big celebration. It was a great day. I love that cake picture, btw.

The Donaldsons

tim, alissa, kate, & amelia said...

happy birthday wallace. it looks like you had a really fun 1st! wish we could have been there!

Melissa Stephenson said...

Happy Bday Wallace!!! =) Great pics and we esp. loved the cake fest.... Awesome. And yes, Aaron's 1st is the 29th - so crazy how close they are in age.

christy said...

Happy Birthday Wallace! What a cool party! love the ribbon and labels on everything! Too Cute! Also, LOVE Wallace's SHOES!!!

Cristy said...

Happy Birthday to Wallace!!!!!

kevin & rachel denham said...

i can't believe he is already one! so amazing and fun! much love.