Saturday, April 23, 2011

Charlie... the first week.

We brought Charlie home last Friday at noon. We dropped our things, prepared lunch, and enjoyed our first meal at home with our boy.
It was such a quiet weekend without the older kids. A vacation. I relaxed with Charlie while he slept, ate, pooped, and quietly began taking in his new world. Rian worked on the nursery, painting over Skyler's pink stripes. Sunday night, Charlie was waiting with gifts when his brother and sister arrived home.
Me and my kiddos. I began to miss them by the end of the weekend. It was so nice to have them back. Charlie got them each a magnifying glass for bug hunting.
Skyler wakes up each morning asking (yelling) for "CHARLIE!!". Throughout the day when I'm holding him she asks, "That Charlie?" as if maybe I switched him with another kid. She gently kisses the top of his head whenever she leaves the room. I'm so glad she's into him.
Wallace is the sweetest big brother. The other day he and I were reading on the couch when Charlie cried from the swing. Wally jumped down and ran over, saying, "Don't worry Charlie, I'm coming. Your big brother is here." He loves to pat his belly, kiss his head, comfort him, hold him, tell him stories and jokes, and just be an overall protective big brother.
Examining the new kid.
Wallace & Skye have a new reading nook.
He pretty much just does this.
And this. He's kinda boring.
Rian went back to work on Thursday. I braved my first outing alone with the kids to their easter egg hunt. I figured it would be less risky than trying to stay home alone with them. I needed some girlfriend time, Wally/Skye needed time running around with their buddies, and Charlie...well he just slept in his stroller the whole time. I love these early simple days with a newborn.
Charlie and his dad.
Charlie in a bowl.
Tomorrow is Charlie's due date. I can't believe we were doing this just 10 days ago. I'm so glad we got to enjoy him early. I'm so grateful that he is healthy. And I'm so fortunate that God has blessed us with this baby. He is such a gift.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello Charlie

On Wednesday afternoon Rian and I dropped the kids off at my parents to head to my 38-week appointment. My doctor ordered an ultrasound before leaving because I was measuring a little small. She said she’d call my cell if the fluids looked low. Rian and I headed out to Bluewater Grill to enjoy a child-free night at happy hour. My cell stayed out on the table, but we had no reception the whole time. Didn’t think it was a big deal, until walking out to our car I had 4 missed calls from Dr. Hamilton. She said my fluids are low, she wants to induce, get to the hospital. And here, the night began. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve. We went home, gathered some things, dropped some stuff for the kids off, and headed to Kaiser Permanente in Irvine. They checked my fluids again to make sure we needed to induce and also found that I was already 4 cm dilated and this baby was ready to meet the world. Pitocin drip started at 11:30pm, epidural kicked in, then a couple pushes and at 3:23am Charlie was born. 6 pounds 12 ounces, 19.5 inches long. All on April 14, the date I was praying to deliver. God does care about the little details…
Riding out the contractions and a foot massage from my mom. From the look on my face I’m telling a story about something very exciting.
My midwife, Nancy. She was SO great.
Rian got to pull Charlie out. He was the first to see that we were getting another son and announce that it’s a boy. Juliana got an amazing picture of this and some other shots that tell Charlie's birth story so well. I will gladly show anyone... I'm just not brave enough to post them online.

Leaving to come home, friday at noon. My parents had the kids until Sunday night. It was a quiet retreat-like weekend we enjoyed before the chaos began.
What did they do while we were gone? They went fishing, made pinecone bird feeders, took long walks, went on shopping trips... The kids were in heaven.

Wednesday afternoon before my appointment, my dad wanted to take a picture of my belly. I’m so glad, because I was behind on my belly shots. So this is the last one taken… 12 hours later, Charlie was born.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

April = Baby

We have entered the month that we will be meeting the little one. We're all excited. Rian and I feel very ready. Skyler keeps yelling "out!" at my belly button. And Wally is all set to be the "baby holder". He's been practicing with his animals. This has been the easiest pregnancy of the three and I find myself feeling pretty good these final few weeks. But definately ready to have my body back to myself and range of movement to carry my kids, pick up the house and run more than one errand at a time. We took some time last weekend to capture these last days as a family of four. Below are some of my favorites. Thank you to my friend Juliana of Hilmerson Photography who can do amazing things with that camera of hers.
We took multiple shots with our boy/girl name choices...
After the kids had their way with me...

Saturday, April 02, 2011

The last few weeks have been filled with less outings and more soaking up time with Wally and Skye before we throw another one into the mix. I'm enjoying them so much. Wally is getting so grown up and fun to talk with. Skyler can be loud, rowdy and such a goofball but turn around and want to do princess spins, cuddle up and be such a sweetheart. Here she is mowing the front sidewalk.
We have LOVED and been so consistent with our monthly Jones/Kennedy dinners (3+ years?) and have recently added Sara & Sean to the mix. Here we are last weekend, with Sean and Wally in the barrels. And my tummy peeking up.
Skyler loving the fancy jewelry from Beth's collection.
We recently made the decision to do no preschool for Wallace. Why? Because if he was gone to school, Skyler would be hanging at my ankles asking me to ride the other tricycle with her all day long... and although I'm sure he'd have a blast, our list of reasons not to do preschool ended up longer than the list to do it. Which means, I still get 2 years with this kid at home before kindergarten and that is so awesome! I'm really excited.
We recently enjoyed an outdoor lunch with my two grandmas. I am lucky enough to have them living at the same retirement community only 10 minutes away, so the kids and I get to enjoy lunch with them quite often.
And did I tell you my grandma, Mimi, is 90 this month? This is her racing around the golf holes, getting the kids to chase her. She just doesn't stop. She is so much fun.
Skyler on her birthday night, very happy with the oversized doodle board she got from us.
Emma Hartman celebrated her 3rd birthday at a gymnastic warehouse called Wildfire. The kids all had such a blast. The dads too. Not sure who enjoyed it more actually. It was a very fun time.
Wally & Taylor throwing cubes at each other.