Saturday, April 23, 2011

Charlie... the first week.

We brought Charlie home last Friday at noon. We dropped our things, prepared lunch, and enjoyed our first meal at home with our boy.
It was such a quiet weekend without the older kids. A vacation. I relaxed with Charlie while he slept, ate, pooped, and quietly began taking in his new world. Rian worked on the nursery, painting over Skyler's pink stripes. Sunday night, Charlie was waiting with gifts when his brother and sister arrived home.
Me and my kiddos. I began to miss them by the end of the weekend. It was so nice to have them back. Charlie got them each a magnifying glass for bug hunting.
Skyler wakes up each morning asking (yelling) for "CHARLIE!!". Throughout the day when I'm holding him she asks, "That Charlie?" as if maybe I switched him with another kid. She gently kisses the top of his head whenever she leaves the room. I'm so glad she's into him.
Wallace is the sweetest big brother. The other day he and I were reading on the couch when Charlie cried from the swing. Wally jumped down and ran over, saying, "Don't worry Charlie, I'm coming. Your big brother is here." He loves to pat his belly, kiss his head, comfort him, hold him, tell him stories and jokes, and just be an overall protective big brother.
Examining the new kid.
Wallace & Skye have a new reading nook.
He pretty much just does this.
And this. He's kinda boring.
Rian went back to work on Thursday. I braved my first outing alone with the kids to their easter egg hunt. I figured it would be less risky than trying to stay home alone with them. I needed some girlfriend time, Wally/Skye needed time running around with their buddies, and Charlie...well he just slept in his stroller the whole time. I love these early simple days with a newborn.
Charlie and his dad.
Charlie in a bowl.
Tomorrow is Charlie's due date. I can't believe we were doing this just 10 days ago. I'm so glad we got to enjoy him early. I'm so grateful that he is healthy. And I'm so fortunate that God has blessed us with this baby. He is such a gift.


Karen Cleary said...

Congratulations! So happy for you guys! Can I put in a request for 4 hrs of labor??? Let me know when you have some tips for life with 3. :) Thanks for your msg on fb. Yes, we are excited about having 3 boys. It's a good thing Mike is working out more because all the boys want to do is play rough and wrestle!

Lauren Turner said...

I get such a good feeling looking at these pictures. Nothing like those first few days at home. Love your creativity in your posts. Miss you guys. Can't wait to meet Charlie!

Madelyn said...

Love seeing your family of 5! Blessings to you mama of 3! You're a natural. One more thing...what is in that deliciously looking salad...did you make those edible bowls the salad was in. Do tell! Yum.