Friday, May 13, 2011


Tomorrow Charlie is one month old. I can't stand it. I can't believe how fast this is going. I'm doing a terrible job of taking pictures, especially of his first visitors. Adding this third kid has been different. We're definitely staying IN more. My house is torn up most of the time. The older kids have figured out they can get away with more lately. I'm so not on top of my game. I have to remind myself that it won't always be like this. I won't be stuck breastfeeding, I won't be changing diapers constantly, I'll have more time to shower and get dressed... someday. I will say, however, that I am loving each day. Living simple, staying in, saying "no" to events, really looking at each of the kids. Studying their faces, asking questions, snuggling, staying in pj's, trying to savor each moment. With Charlie changing so fast, I'm reminded of how quickly this season will pass. I am SO thankful for Southern California's beautiful weather. If we didn't have our front yard to escape to for running, drawing hopscotch and train tracks, playing catch... I think I'd go crazy. I am also thankful for so many friends that have been bringing us meals. Delicious meals. Fancy and creative and beautiful. We have felt so loved. Here are some pics from the last few weeks.

Wallace & Skyler walking out to perform the end of year show at Nurture. I've never heard Wally belt out a song like he did for "Farmer and the Dell."
All 3 enjoying time with Chaz and Uncle Pips (Colby).
I confess that W and S are sent to their room to play way too often lately, mostly so I can nurse Charlie without being climbed on or hit in the head with flying objects. However, they have gotten very creative with what they play. Here, they are playing "zoo" with all the animals being hung from the top bunk.
Charlie and I napping while Rian gets some help washing my car.
Picnic dinner on the bay. I went in my pj's. It was the most perfect way to end a day.
Rian brings Charlie in to our bed in the morning. So sweet to lay next to these two.
Bath time. What I would do for a bathtub like this...
Skyler and I enjoying conversation with Charlie.
Rian saved the day by bringing us lunch.


Monique said...

So sweet! Adorable pictures. I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago about a bike for Skyler. I realize you've been a tad busy. If you'd like, I could drop it at your parents. Let me know. Miss those baby days.

Rian said...
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meghan said...

monique!! i didn't get your email. it probably went to spam. can you email me again, because i don't think i have your address.