Tuesday, May 25, 2010

quick trip

my parents had some extra marriott points, so we decided to celebrate my mom's birthday at the newport coast villas for a night. such a fun getaway!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


we just got back from a weekend in idyllwild. we rented this cabin, on horse property with strawberry creek running through our backyard. no computers, no cell phone reception. it was wonderful.

wallace & skyler running around in the barn.

the boys throwing sticks and rocks into the creek. wallace could have done this for hours. here's video footage.

sweet, sweet gypsy. she takes so much...

and more...

we cooked most of our meals in the cabin, but we did eat lunch at cafe aroma. here is rian showing off his huge hot dog.

we took some drives and found some amazing views.

the kids slept in the bedroom so rian and i could tuck them away and stay up late. we slept up in the loft with our own stargazing deck and skinned bear. you're not really staying in the woods if you don't have a skinned bear hanging on your wall.

sleepy eyes. morning stories.

oh this girl, this girl. i love her!

our family. minus oliver, who doesn't count, rian says.

me and my man. i am lucky lucky lucky!