Thursday, August 19, 2010


here is our first basket with south coast farms csa. so excited about it. if you're coming over for dinner in the next week (you know who you are) guess what you're having....

another perfect morning at the bay today.

out with brand new baby luke hartman. and he's just perfect!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

in a month

a lot can happen in a month. let's first discuss my baby girl skyler with her no-fear adventurous spirit.

a: jumping down brick stairs like her brother does and landing on her nose.

b: climbing up table and then falling while pulling off part of her ear.

c: flying off playground platform and biting into tongue.

i love this girl. and so glad she's still alive after all her stunts....

the next pics are from paradise point on mission bay (san diego). the whole wallace side of the family does this trip ever year. as always, it was a blast. i love every single person in this family. i am so lucky! the rest of the pics are on facebook. if you can't already tell, i am thinking about slowly phasing into no blog and all facebook.

also happing in the last month... we had colby & brian over for dinner while beth was traveling around europe.

wallace absolutely loves playing with brian and "uncle pippy".

picnic dinner & concert with the turners at peppertree park. dave was a little too excited about dancing to the music with wallace. the band was "open wide" my old orthodontist's band. wally got to give dr. meeks a high five afterwards.

the artist at work in laguna at the art festival.

an incredible dinner at the simpson's bayside house. wouldn't be complete without shooting guns out over the water.

birthday boy

wallace turned 3 on july 22. here are a couple pics from his wild BYOB party (bring your own bike). the rest of the pics are here on facebook.

here are the pics from his family party. i made this delicious carrot cake recipe found by my friend teri here.

my most talented dad in the world made wally this awesome wooden jet. it hangs in his room and he LOVES it.

blowing bubbles with grandpa.

ladder ball...

watch out poppa!!

our little family... i can't believe my baby is three!