Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 days in...

Wallace is learning to share time with his parents and LOVES his little sister. Each night has gotten better and better with Skyler's sleep and eating schedule. Rian is back to work this week and Wallace and I are back into our normal routine, but with a new baby. We're both adjusting and really enjoying things.

Coming home for the first time.

An early morning at home.

Day 3... Rian and Wallace went to Trader Joes and Wallace was really excited to bring me "welcome home flowers" he and his dad picked out.

Playing with a gift from his new sister.

First family outing... farmers market at HB pier.

Two tired kids.

Here's a real winner that Wallace took of me.

Rian, Wallace and Gypsy played in the park every day last week. Skyler and I made it out there once with them.

Rian and Wallace putting together his new table.

Wallace and his walking stick... coffee at the Corner Bakery by us.

Monday, March 09, 2009


That's Skyler with an E... for many of you who have wondered. Thank you so much for your prayers, emails, calls, hospital visits, meal offers, facebook comments, etc... we have been well loved and this has been such a fun experience. We had a really smooth birth and Skyler is perfect and healthy and beautiful! Wallace was her first visitor and he's very interested in this tiny baby. Little does he know... she's staying home with us and he has to live with her...

The birth rundown (short version): Born March 7th at 2:45pm. Weighing 8 lbs, 2 oz. Measuring 20 inches. About 4 hours of labor and 2 big pushes. A relatively quick and easy birth with lots of snuggle skin time right afterwards.

(Longer version): I was scheduled to be induced Saturday morning (because of high blood pressure). It was weird to have a date and time of when our baby would enter the world but made it nice for planning our day and getting Wallace taken care of, etc. We dropped him off at my parents house Friday night after getting frozen yogurt together as our last "family of 3" outing. Then Rian and I got Chinese food for dinner, went home, packed things up, spent some time praying, relaxing, and getting ready for sleep. We slept horribly, so excited and anxious for the next day. I woke up at 4am with contractions 5 minutes apart, making me feel good about being induced... she was ready to come on her own anyway. I was also already 3 cm dilated, as of my last doctor appointment. We got to the hospital at our appointment time, 8:30am and my contractions had gone away so I was really comfortable. We were finally settled in our room and I got a small pitocin drip at 10:45am, got my epidural at 1pm, started pushing at 2:40 and Skyler was born at 2:45. I was able to hold her right away for about an hour and she was pretty excited to start breastfeeding which was encouraging.

The first visitor

Skyler, a few minutes old

Dr. Zepeda and nurse Kim

Wallace, scoping out his new sister

Last week without Skyler

Here we are Friday night at my parents house, dropping off Wallace. Skyler would be born the next day (pictures coming, I promise).

Last kiss on the belly.

Wallace pulled out my camera, I turned it on, he inspected it, pointed it at us, yelled "cheese!", and took his first ever photo. Not bad. (Am I sitting next to the grinch?)

Another kiss. Lots of kisses. Waiting, waiting for his little sister to get out of there.

Wallace LOVES playing hide'n'seek. He runs from the kitchen, jumps to the corner of the couch, throws the blanket on, and waits for however long it takes me... frozen like this. Haha, it's hilarious.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Still Preggo...

And doing great! We are finally all healthy in this household. Rian, as usual, managed to stay sick-free the whole time. Wallace had a cold for about a week, was well for a few days, and then came down with another cold, practically back-to-back. The second cold included a mean cough which shook him so bad, he'd throw up. It was an exciting week around our house. He got well, just as I came down with a cold which didn't go away until I took antibiotics, which means I probably had a sinus infection. That was a long 3 weeks of us being sick and staying in much of the time. Somewhere in there, I had an incredible shower thrown for me by my best girlfriends. I'll stick some pics in here at the end.

Skyler could be here any day. She's not officially due until March 11. Wallace was 2 weeks early, making me realize that I have never been this pregnant before. I'm feeling really good and my preggo symptoms have all gone away. Now it's just difficult maneuvering all this front weight around. It's quite a load to carry.

I am so enjoying every single minute with Wallace. He is changing each week and has been so much fun. He loves learning new words and pointing to things asking us what they're called. His favorite animal is still his teddy, whom he lovingly refers to as "Titty". He loves playing out front with his soccer ball and on the back deck with Gypsy and Oliver, who for some reason still tolerate his smothering hugs and constant stick-hitting, face clobbering, etc. Wallace is all boy but has also become even more of a snuggler and randomly comes up to me with a big tight bear hug around the neck and sweet kisses on my face. He is such a lover.

We will keep you posted with anything exciting that takes place around here.