Monday, March 09, 2009

Last week without Skyler

Here we are Friday night at my parents house, dropping off Wallace. Skyler would be born the next day (pictures coming, I promise).

Last kiss on the belly.

Wallace pulled out my camera, I turned it on, he inspected it, pointed it at us, yelled "cheese!", and took his first ever photo. Not bad. (Am I sitting next to the grinch?)

Another kiss. Lots of kisses. Waiting, waiting for his little sister to get out of there.

Wallace LOVES playing hide'n'seek. He runs from the kitchen, jumps to the corner of the couch, throws the blanket on, and waits for however long it takes me... frozen like this. Haha, it's hilarious.

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Carlie said...

Love all the cute pics!!! I am SO excitied for you guys!!!