Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 days in...

Wallace is learning to share time with his parents and LOVES his little sister. Each night has gotten better and better with Skyler's sleep and eating schedule. Rian is back to work this week and Wallace and I are back into our normal routine, but with a new baby. We're both adjusting and really enjoying things.

Coming home for the first time.

An early morning at home.

Day 3... Rian and Wallace went to Trader Joes and Wallace was really excited to bring me "welcome home flowers" he and his dad picked out.

Playing with a gift from his new sister.

First family outing... farmers market at HB pier.

Two tired kids.

Here's a real winner that Wallace took of me.

Rian, Wallace and Gypsy played in the park every day last week. Skyler and I made it out there once with them.

Rian and Wallace putting together his new table.

Wallace and his walking stick... coffee at the Corner Bakery by us.


The Bardwells said...

She is beautiful guys!!! Can't wait to meet her. :) xo

Melissa Stephenson said...

She is so cute! I loved all the pictures in this post. Meg you look like you are doing great and all over the place already - you amaze me! I am still so intimidated to think of having a newborn on top of having Aaron =)

rachkevdenham said...

i love her!
she is perfect. maybe she can marry weston. i will be in touch soon- and would love to bring over dinner as soon as your up for it.
so happy for you guys!

rachkevdenham said...

oh gosh- really poor mistake on the last comment.

Karen said...

She is beautiful! What an adorable family the 4 of you make!:)