Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and the past month

These pictures could not be more out of order... but you get the idea. Here is our past month. We've been having a great time with Skye... watching her grow, watching Wallace interact with her, and trying to figure out what she likes/dislikes. She is so different than Wallace: She cries a lot more, mostly in the afternoon & evening. She loves to be swaddled. She loves to be in a sling. She doesn't love riding in cars. She doesn't like being around lots of people and noise. She has a lot of rolls. She is similar to Wallace too: she sleeps a lot at night. Ok, that's the only similar thing I can think of right now. We take each day as it comes. Some are so smooth, easy and fun. Others are full of 2 kids pooping at the same time, crying at the same time, napping NOT at the same time, wanting to eat at the same time, etc. It can be pure chaos but strangely I'm enjoying it.

Easter at my parents house. Wallace is pulling on his tongue. It's his latest thing. Does he not know it's been there for the past 21 months?

Fashion Island.

Fashion Island again. We took the whole family. Even Gypsy. Not Oliver (the cat) even though Wally begged for him to come.

Skye meeting Mimi for the first time.

Feeding ducks on Balboa Island one night. Wally is REALLY into ducks lately.

My very own Eminem on Easter sunday.

Hunting for Easter eggs.

Snuggling up in the morning... a kiss for his sister.

Skyler meeting my Grammie & Grandpa for the first time. Here she is bonding with Grammie.

Mom, this is your recipe for the puffed apple pancake "brinner". I made it and we devoured it.

Alissa was in town for a while. We went out to celebrate Juliana's 30th and then back to my place (so I could nurse Skye and introduce her to Liss). Rian has been soooo good to me and given me many nights out with the girls, with my mama's group, and with myself to run errands.

That's right... we finally got our Disneyland passes (a Christmas gift from my parents) a few weeks ago. Rian and I escaped over there for our first date night since Skyler. We left a couple pumped bottles and did dinner and rides. Oh man, it was good to be back. So fun!

Wally & Emma Hartman

Getting soaked at the district.

Skye in her sling.

Christy Green... I love this onesie.

Wally and his best friend, Liv.

Skyler's 1st bath. Her mother on the other hand, could use one as well.

Wallace loves helping me dress Skyler. Here he is getting her sock on and then saying "SEE.. it's so much nicer to have socks on!"

A typical morning for the animals.

My beautiful baby at 2 weeks old. Kurt came over and took a bunch of awesome pics.


Andrew Hartman - Founder said...

The pic of Emma and Wally looks like they just broke up and feel incredibly awkward that someone is photographing them. By the look on Wallace's face, Emma did the dumping.

christy said...

I think the pic of emma and wally looks like emma has a ways to go before her hair is as long as his!!! Cute post! good job catching up. So glad you like the onesie!