Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring Time!

I came home to a man in my garage holding out flowers for me. It was Rian and they were daffodils (see picture in next blog). Do you know what this means? Spring is here!!!

Like to eat!

I've begun a new cooking routine. A friend gave me the idea of doing this meal plan each week. I made a list of 30 recipes that Rian and I love. And a list of 15 or so side dish choices. Each weekend I print it out and Rian circles the ones that he'd like to have that week. I do my shopping on Monday and by sticking to it I've saved so much time, money and hassle. Plus, it's been fun to have dinner planned out and ready for Rian when he gets home from work.

Here was one of our meals this week. Much tastier than it looks in this picture, really. I'm actually only posting the pic so you can see what I'm doing with my mouth in the bottom corner. What the heck?

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Wallace has been loving Oliver. Fortunately this cat puts up with a lot. Here they are:


Wallace learned to clap today. He was sitting on Avery's lap this morning and all of a sudden he was clapping his hands. He's been doing it all day. It's so much fun. Here he is:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The week ends

A good week. Balboa Island, some shopping, play day with my Nurture group, breakfast with Lara at the Filling Station, good times at the Hilmerson's new loft with J and Liv, Life Group tonight... another good week. And a messy week. Tuesday and Thursday mornings I woke up to screaming and found Wallace had peed through his diaper, pjs, and sheet. Not very fun to be laying in that. Clearly time to switch to nighttime diapers. Wednesday morning, Wallace threw up on me. Down my shirt, into my belly button. We've switched to a new feeding routine and apparently it didn't agree with his tummy so early in the morning. Always excitement in this household.

Wallace is getting the hang of holding things. He loves drinking. Mostly wine. Actually, just milk, sometimes water.

He's also changed up his belly time with some balancing acts looking a little like crawling. He's got a ways to go... I hope. I'm not ready to be chasing him all over town. It's really fun to see him grow and transition into new stages.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Great Park Balloon

We finally made it to the orange balloon at the future Great Park in Irvine.

Below is what happens when you agree to a random stranger taking your FAMILY PICTURE. Thank you, lady. And are you blind?

My Best Audience

Sometimes I'm needed to bust out my stellar harmonica skills in order to keep this family happy.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I can't believe it's been a month since I put some pictures up on this thing. Since the last blog, Wallace has celebrated 6 months of life, we entered the month of love, Lent began, and we've spent a lot of time outdoors. We had a couple weeks of great rain. We love rain. The sound, the smell, keeping the windows open, driving in it, playing a card game at a coffee shop and watching the rain fall out the window. We like rain. It's also been hot. Like summer. This week in southern california it was in the 80's. We like this too.

Wallace is getting big. He's gaining weight and I think I see a double chin. Rian and I are loving this new stage of life. I love being home with Wallace each day. Rian loves when, after walking through the door after work, Wallace cranks his head looking all over for him and at the sight of his dad, gives huge smiles and throws his arms and legs around in delight.

Here are some moments we've captured these last few weeks.

Saturday mornings in bed look like this.

Wallace in a silly mood.

It's nice to have a little yard for playing. Gypsy can be seen here chewing her favorite toy bat. Wallace enjoys the company and I can watch from the kitchen while doing dishes.

Sometimes Wally would rather play with Gypsy and grabs her as she walks by.

We did another hike. This time with Colby and his dog Miles. Gypsy and Miles LOVE each other. It's great fun. Here's Wallace in the backpack.

Lazy animals.

We went to Knott's Berry Farm for our Valentine's date and had an absolute blast. They have so many new crazy rides since we've been there. This is one of the only pics we got. Flattering, I know.

This is lunch today at the beach. We've got this half tent that says "Erects in seconds". First of all, why say that? Secondly, let me tell you, it took more than seconds to get that thing put together. Rian met us and brought Ho Sum for lunch. Yum.