Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Still Preggo...

And doing great! We are finally all healthy in this household. Rian, as usual, managed to stay sick-free the whole time. Wallace had a cold for about a week, was well for a few days, and then came down with another cold, practically back-to-back. The second cold included a mean cough which shook him so bad, he'd throw up. It was an exciting week around our house. He got well, just as I came down with a cold which didn't go away until I took antibiotics, which means I probably had a sinus infection. That was a long 3 weeks of us being sick and staying in much of the time. Somewhere in there, I had an incredible shower thrown for me by my best girlfriends. I'll stick some pics in here at the end.

Skyler could be here any day. She's not officially due until March 11. Wallace was 2 weeks early, making me realize that I have never been this pregnant before. I'm feeling really good and my preggo symptoms have all gone away. Now it's just difficult maneuvering all this front weight around. It's quite a load to carry.

I am so enjoying every single minute with Wallace. He is changing each week and has been so much fun. He loves learning new words and pointing to things asking us what they're called. His favorite animal is still his teddy, whom he lovingly refers to as "Titty". He loves playing out front with his soccer ball and on the back deck with Gypsy and Oliver, who for some reason still tolerate his smothering hugs and constant stick-hitting, face clobbering, etc. Wallace is all boy but has also become even more of a snuggler and randomly comes up to me with a big tight bear hug around the neck and sweet kisses on my face. He is such a lover.

We will keep you posted with anything exciting that takes place around here.

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The Bardwells said...

I heard the wonderful news and we couldn't be happier for you guys! Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl.

Nathan and Karisa