Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

Valentine's weekend was wonderful! We managed to squeeze in lots of relaxation & naps, time out on the town, time with both of our families and time with good friends. It was great.

Friday I met some of my girlfriends for breakfast at Blue Frog in Orange where we can sit upstairs on the couches and let the kids play together. Liv and Wallace liked to squeeze back here together.

And we caught them doing this too.

We left Wallace overnight at my parents house Friday for a much needed date... and maybe our last one before Skyler arrives. We ate dinner at Ristorante Mascarpone's... a small little Italian place in Orange. It's in the Entertainment Book, which always makes us feel better about the money we spend (save). Afterwards we watched a movie at MetroPoint, came home and had an awesome night of sleep. We ate breakfast at Surf & Sand (yes, again for me). Rian hadn't been there since our honeymoon (we spent our first night there before leaving for Cancun).

Over the rest of the weekend, we filled our time at Rian's parents house for dinner and a time to hang out with his Aunt, Uncle and cousin Laura from Oregon. Also, monthly dinner with Zeulner's and Hartman's (at Z's house). See pics below of the kids. Lastly, Rian made this meatloaf recipe he's been wanting to try. We took it over and ate with my parents Monday night, to close up the long weekend. The end. And I'm ready to rest again.

Emma, Wallace, and Taylor

Wallace and Taylor on her pink reading chair.

Early in the evening Wallace was super excited to have found Taylor's sunglasses.


The HUB said...

are wallace and tay praying in the pink chair? such perfect little angles they are!!

The Bardwells said...

Hey Meghan! I keep looking at the blog thinking one of these days there will be pics of Skyler! I know it is getting very close and I just wanted to tell you we were all thinking of you guys. We love you and hope all is well.

Love, Nathan, Karisa, and Audrey xoxo

The Bardwells said...

Thanks for the comment! It is nice to know you are hanging in there and doing well! Can't wait to meet baby Skyler...we are going to try to come to Grandpa Bardwell's bday party so that will be fun to have the babies together! :)

Katelin Wallace Journigan said...

Uh oh, look out little Wallace is already a little womanizer, kissing girls in the corner! :)