Sunday, February 01, 2009

20 Things About Me… on my 18-month birthday
By Wallace Kennedy
January 22, 2009

1. I like to give out kisses to people I know. And also to people I don’t know…on the lips.

2. When I’m around my parents and their friends and they laugh hard at something, I like to join in also, as if I know what they’re laughing at.

3. I like making animal sounds like a snake, bug, lion, pig, goat/sheep, horse, dog, cow, and some others. My favorite is the snake, pig and horse, which I do VERY realistically.

4. I am very laid back, easy to please, and mellow (like my dad). I am also a perfectionist and like things to be clean, picked up and in their place (like my mom). This means I am very good at putting all my toys away by myself, picking up trash on the floor that I find and putting it in the trashcan, closing drawers that were left open, turning off lights that are on, taking out all of moms spices and organizing them back in the spice drawer, etc.

5. My hair is very blond and curly. My mom won’t cut it. Sometimes my bangs hang in my eyes and I sometimes it looks like I have a mullet. That’s because my hair doesn’t grow as fast on the sides. People ask my mom if I got a haircut and she says, “Do you really think I’d cut his hair like this?”

6. I love to watch my mom & dad kiss and it makes me laugh and squeal.

7. Sometimes when I meet new people, I’m not sure what to do. So I either start dancing or lift up my leg to show them my shoes.

8. I make people think I can count to 10, say the alphabet and point out about 5 colors, but I’m really just saying the same word each time. Sometimes people clap and are so impressed. Suckers.

9. I was breastfed until I was six months old. Then I had formula. Then I started eating organic food my mom would make for me. We shopped together at farmers markets. A few times when we were in a rush, my mom tried giving me jarred baby food. I hated it and my mom tried it and said it tasted like crap (yah, she said that) and smelled like cat food. Lately some of my favorite things to eat are frozen peas, bananas, tomatoes, smoothies, kidney beans, scrambled eggs, raisons, oatmeal, and toast with peanut butter. And especially whatever my mom and dad have on their plates, like a good tender steak.

10. I can say a lot of things: Mama, Dada, Gypsy, duck, please, more, Amen, teeth, GiGi, Poppa, Gramma, Grampa, Zeee (Uncle Z), Bubu (Uncle Bumble), Lala (Lara), choo-choo, Santa (mostly whenever we get to the old bearded man page in my Life of Jesus book), and some more that I can’t remember right now.

11. I used to run from my mom and laugh when I knew she was going to change my diaper. Then I got something called a spanking. And I got it the next day too when I didn’t come. Now, I run to mom when she calls me and flop on my back in front of her to be changed. It makes her so happy and I get cheers and kisses instead of a spanking!

12. But sometimes I get spankings for other things now. Like kicking the mirror frame on the wall over and over again. Or for whisking my moms face with a toy whisk after she told me not to 3 times in a row.

13. I love smelling flowers.

14. There are many friends my age I like to play with, but most of all I like to play in my yard with Gypsy & Oliver. I also like to run around like a warrior out front, waving big sticks.

15. The other day I was running like a warrior and tripped. I now have a scuffed nose and a bump on my forehead.

16. If you ask, I will give you some knuckles, a high five or politely shake your hand.

17. My moms friend, Sara Marashian, works at this place called Quiksilver and always hooks me up with new things to wear. I love her.

18. I take showers with my dad in the morning. And then I also usually cry when he leaves for work afterwards. I just miss him so much when he’s gone. But I get over it quickly.

19. My mom has a baby in her stomach called Skyler. I like pointing to the baby and lifting up mom's shirt to give Skyler a kiss.

20. I have a piggy bank and get to put coins in it almost every day. This is one of my favorite things to do.


Melissa Stephenson said...

I LOVED this - just reading about all his little character traits is so fun. And I died laughing about him showing strangers his shoes - Aaron has been doing the same thing when people he doesn't know try to interact with him! No joke, before he walked down the aisle at my bro's wedding, he lifted his leg and showed the audience his shoes!!!

And now I have a good idea of what to use for our first spanking. Aaron sometimes runs away when diaper change time comes about =)

christy said...

Meghan-this is just too funny and cute! Precious precious memories. Next year at this time, you won't even believe how much he's changed. How many more weeks do you have?

Jason, Suzy, & David said...

Meghan, this is so cute! At first I was laughing, then got a little confused, then went back and read that this is WALLACE's list. I was a little worried with your kissing strangers on mouths..but thought you were just that much of a free spirit. :). Can't wait till our boys can play! Your family is awesome!

Sara said...

oh my. i just got tears in my eyes. that's how hard i was laughing and how much i love him!