Saturday, April 02, 2011

The last few weeks have been filled with less outings and more soaking up time with Wally and Skye before we throw another one into the mix. I'm enjoying them so much. Wally is getting so grown up and fun to talk with. Skyler can be loud, rowdy and such a goofball but turn around and want to do princess spins, cuddle up and be such a sweetheart. Here she is mowing the front sidewalk.
We have LOVED and been so consistent with our monthly Jones/Kennedy dinners (3+ years?) and have recently added Sara & Sean to the mix. Here we are last weekend, with Sean and Wally in the barrels. And my tummy peeking up.
Skyler loving the fancy jewelry from Beth's collection.
We recently made the decision to do no preschool for Wallace. Why? Because if he was gone to school, Skyler would be hanging at my ankles asking me to ride the other tricycle with her all day long... and although I'm sure he'd have a blast, our list of reasons not to do preschool ended up longer than the list to do it. Which means, I still get 2 years with this kid at home before kindergarten and that is so awesome! I'm really excited.
We recently enjoyed an outdoor lunch with my two grandmas. I am lucky enough to have them living at the same retirement community only 10 minutes away, so the kids and I get to enjoy lunch with them quite often.
And did I tell you my grandma, Mimi, is 90 this month? This is her racing around the golf holes, getting the kids to chase her. She just doesn't stop. She is so much fun.
Skyler on her birthday night, very happy with the oversized doodle board she got from us.
Emma Hartman celebrated her 3rd birthday at a gymnastic warehouse called Wildfire. The kids all had such a blast. The dads too. Not sure who enjoyed it more actually. It was a very fun time.
Wally & Taylor throwing cubes at each other.


Karen Cleary said...

Hi Meghan,
So excited to watch your family grow! I'm looking forward to getting some tips :) I hope your last few weeks as a family of 4 are great and that you have a beautiful and quick birth! BTW, we are having another boy. I'm just a tad outnumbered around here but we are very excited. Looking forward to meeting baby #3!

Heather Ferenc said...

That's so great Meg that you guys decided to keep the kiddos home for preschool. I think by far the thing I have loved most about homeschooling over the past four years is watching the relationship between both kids develop. Had I put them in to school I am positive they wouldn't play *as* well together still (at almost 10 and 6). I see them learn to play with kids of all ages because they are unaware of grade levels or ages. Watching them build this bond that they will have for life is irreplaceable. There are some great co-ops and meet up groups I can send you info on if you are interested. Enjoy these precious times! (I know you are!)