Sunday, March 06, 2011


It has been an adventure with this one. She is hilarious and fun. Up for anything. Stubborn and challenging. Loves her brother and is so sweet to him. Always asking him “You OK?” when he’s crying or coughs, sneezes, says ouch, etc. She will do anything for him. She loves to brush her teeth. Loves her daddy. Likes to do things on her own and is super independent. But also clingy and loves being held... a lot. She appreciates smaller groups and quiet areas. She laughs a deep raspy belly laugh. One of my favorite sounds. She is happy and compliant, saying “ok mama”, “ok dada” but she can also look at us with a 16-year old scowl when she doesn't want to do something. She sleeps like a champ, always has. She is a tomboy... fast, brave and will tackle anything and do it really well. But she is girly and likes her hair done, nails painted and can throw a good drama fit across the floor. We feel like we know her so well and have this girl figured out but then she’ll do something so out of character and blow us away. She is full of surprises. We love this girl and it has been such an honor to have her in our family these past two years and know that God chose her just for us and just for this family. Absolutely cannot wait to see what this year holds. So many special times, challenges, laughs and sweet memories ahead of us. Happy birthday, Skyler!

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Elizabeth said...

She looks so much like you in this pic Meghan!!! Cant believe Skyler is two. I still think of her as a baby. Miss you terribly.