Sunday, March 06, 2011

Into March

Farmers Market last Wednesday at 32 weeks. Tomorrow I am 33 weeks, feeling good and a lot smaller than I was with the first two pregnancies. So nice! I think having chiropractic care throughout this pregnancy has made a big difference. We've stayed strong with not finding out the gender and it's been easier than I thought. Although I do miss the planning and dreaming that comes with knowing I've got a little boy or girl on the way. We're almost 100% on our name choices for either gender. Getting really excited to celebrate when he/she arrives!

Wally's favorite thing to do in the bath is arrange his alphabet letters. He has to sing the song from the beginning with each new letter. Takes forever.

Owen's birthday party and our last time to play for a while since the Saukkola's are moving to Denver. We will miss their family so much.

Owen's grandma did a 30-minute story & song time for the kids and instead of presents each friend brought a wrapped book for a book exchange. Such a good idea! Here is Ryder watching Wally open his book.

Goodbye hug.

Been experimenting with a good chai tea recipe.

In between our 80 degree February days, we get a chilly day where we have to bundle up. Finally.

A warm picnic lunch out back.

Gypsy and Oliver waiting for some love at the back door.

Last Wednesday after dinner the kids got to enjoy ice cream out on the town for filling up their marble jar. Marbles have been piling in the jar the last couple months for staying dry while sleeping, eating all their dinner, being kind to one another, obeying the first time, etc....

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chels said...

love your sweet family!! so excited to meet the third little one. let me know about the chai recipe, would looove a good one that's not too crazy with ingredients. i'm pretty much addicted to tj's chai mix.