Sunday, March 06, 2011

Zoomar's Petting Zoo

For Skye's birthday we took the train down to San Juan Capistrano and hit up the petting zoo. My parents sent us off at the train station and then drove down to meet us. Here we are waiting... the kids were so excited.

It was such a joy riding the train with Wallace & Skyler. Every bump and turn brought squeals of delight the whole trip down. And Wallace was our tour guide... pointing out Saddleback mountain, our Costco, the Great Orange Balloon, kids playing soccer, etc. Super fun.

We started with breakfast at Ruby's. Skyler received a box full of princess clothes and girly jewelry from my parents. She was quite happy.

Walking from breakfast to the Zoo. San Juan is so quaint. Rian and I used to take the train down once a year for a relaxing day trip.

Skyler feeding the first guinea pig.

Nice lips.

Wallace straightening out this guys goatee.

Very happy with her train ride up front as the conductor.

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Michelle fallman said...

these pictures are so cute!! Your kids are so stinking adorable, I can't wait to see what your new little one will look like!