Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July and the weekend

The day was spent playing by the pool and more pure relaxation.

Yes, my dad is reading the gossip mag.

Wallace had his first bike ride.

A happy rider with good helmet head.

4th of July night, we watched fireworks with the Hartmans & the Kersh's in Irvine.

Beforehand, we all played by the Hartman's pool and then enjoyed a great spread of a meal! **EDIT: And did I forget to mention that Rian made us calamari steaks with the squid he caught last weekend? He did... and it was a hit.


The Hartmans said...

No shout out for the squid?!! The 4th was so much fun, especially with our new tradition - calamari!

Karen said...

I want to know how the squid steaks turned out!

Kelly said...

oh my gosh, how cute is Wallace?! I still need to send you the pics that I have on him...I'll get on it soon!

Sara said...

I can't wait to get one of those bike seats! Looks so fun.