Tuesday, July 01, 2008

cell phones

i left mine on the hood of my car. halfway to trader joes i saw something fly past my window and bounce along the street behind me while other cars ran into and over it. i busted a quick u-turn to pick it up, waited for things to clear and ran out to get it. not sure why i even cared or brought it with me in the first place, considering it's against the law to talk on it today. and everyday into the future. i'm still waiting for my bluetooth to arrive.

i got a few calls today from people yelling into the phone with lots of commotion in the background. "can you hear me?!? how do i sound!!? i'm using my hand's free!!". what has this world come to? today was probably the worst day to drive in california with all the crazy's searching and fumbling over wires, ear pieces, and trying to get their phone to work while also looking for the offramp and trying to parallel park. and then me on the road with flying objects coming from the hood of my car.


Carlie said...

I was one of those people today. I kept shouting and of course could not hear anything. I was more likely to get into an accident today than if I held my phone. CRAZY!!!

Dave Donaldson said...

Haha.... great blog. I've been getting on Lindsay's case for the past few weeks about being sure to use her hands free once July 1st came around.

Today driving home from Yosemite she about smacked the phone out of my hands when I started to use it without my hands free. This is going to be a hard habit to break.