Wednesday, December 19, 2007


escapes us as this busy month passes by. the past week has been full of fun & memorable times with family and friends. Here's an overview:

wallace's dimpled smile in his dorky (yet very cute) hat.

somebody sleeping through the boat parade.

looking at lights in naples (long beach)... an annual tradition with friends from college.

yes, we left wallace at home in exchange for gypsy. like old times.

christmas dinner with the girls. this year we went to savannah (formerly chat noir) and sat in the louvre!

we met lara at the grove in los angeles. here she is bravely holding him while he eats (this can be a very messy ordeal).

a little christmas dinner with a few friends at our house. we had chili, cornbread, hot chocolate... perfect for the rainy night. we also had wallace entertain us.

saying goodnight before going to bed (wallace, not me).

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Melissa Stephenson said...

Man is he a cutie... (Wallace that is =) ) I still can't believe he and Aaron are only a week a part!!! So cool - maybe they can go to BU together also and be friends? =)