Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've been trying to lay low this month as I prepare for Skyler's arrival and my last few weeks of it being (just) me and Wallace. We have anywhere from 4-7 weeks left. 6.5 weeks until the due date (March 11) or 4 weeks until our "be prepared" time that Dr. Zepeda warned us of. Since Wallace was early, he said there's a better chance of Skyler coming early too. I don't know if that is a bummer or really exciting. I'm ready to have my body back and lay on my tummy when I sleep. And I'm very excited to meet Skyler and add her to our family. But giving up my special time with Wallace and his full attention from me will be bittersweet. I think he will do really well though. He's been around a few different babies in the last few weeks and gets really excited about them. His first move is to go in for kisses, snuggles and toe tickling (where he makes a really loud scary tickle sound). Obviously, with these other babies, we've had to hold him back. But he will be such a snuggler to Skyler. I'm excited for that.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks:

Rian's parents took us to see "Barefoot in the Park" at the Glendale Theater. They have season tickets and have been able to see a bunch of cool plays with their friends.

Rian and Wallace spent some time cleaning out the garage.

I'm in a mama's group Thursday nights with these amazing young moms my age. We meet up late, after we've put the kids down, while our husbands stay home. It has been wonderful. I love each of them and their uniqueness as a mom and wife. I've learned so much from them and our discussions. Suzy's son, David, turned ONE and she had us over to celebrate.

Rian's grandparents from Oregon come down every year in January. Here are pics from dinner at his parents house.

Wallace was fascinated with the boys next door playing basketball.

Uncle Z playing with Wallace.

Mamo and Papa watching Wallace play with his Duplo's.

Papa Larabee reading with his great grandson.

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Karen said...

Did you go to Glendale Theatre on the Round? I love that place! If you like used bookstores, Brand Books around the corner is amazing. Nice update. :)