Sunday, January 25, 2009

goodbye crib!

yesterday morning we took out wallace's crib and moved it into skyler's room (pictures coming soon). for now, wallace will sleep on a mattress on his floor, so that we won't have to deal with falling out of bed. we've got a safety door knob cover so that he won't sneak out of his room and wander around the neighborhood at night. i'll keep you posted on this new transition. so far, he has been AWESOME and i couldn't be more proud of him. we've made such a big deal about this new bed and how cool it is. he was so excited to be able to crawl into bed himself. he spent a good portion of the morning running back and forth from skyler's room to his room, flopping onto his bed and squealing. here's how the first day went down:

11:02am: put wallace in bed for nap with teddy and blankie. kissed him goodnight. sit at door.
11:02 and 30 seconds am: screaming at his door (from wallace, not me) and door nob shaking all around. go inside put him back in bed and remind him that he MUST stay on his bed during his nap. ask if he wants to pray (again). he puts his hands out to be held (meaning yes). we ask jesus to help wallace take a good (ie LONG) nap, to remember to stay on his bed, and to have sweet dreams. amen (wallace repeats the amen). i leave.
11:03-11:17am: screams, then cries, then soft hums, then silence. but ALL from his bed. i love this kid!
11:20am: rian and i peek in and he's asleep with his legs hanging off the mattress on the floor. this works.
1:20pm: wallace wakes up crying on his mattress and rian and i jump in bed with him and celebrate his first nap in his new bed.

8:15pm (normally 7pm, but we were out): put wallace in bed, snuggle, pray, kisses, leave.
8:17pm: after some cries from his bed, he is silent. we peek in and he is spread eagle on his bed sleeping with teddy.
6:00am: i hear talking and the closet door opening and closing. i also hear running around in his room. hmmm. he's up. i think this weekend we'll celebrate sleeping all night in his new bed. next week i'll tackle the whole "you DO NOT get out of bed at 6am" part.

so far... so good. and very, very fun!


The Hartmans said...

LOVE this post...

Melissa Stephenson said...

WOW WALLACE!!! Great job! You are going to be such a good big boy brother =)