Wednesday, September 03, 2008

labor day & a belly

totally behind on my blogging. happy labor day weekend! i know, very late. here are some pics from last week. we had a crazy busy and fun labor day weekend, but i was horrible at taking pictures! mark and kara joseph had a pool/s'mores party friday night, saturday we were at my parents pool, sunday was our last volunteer morning in the nursery and then lauren and brian had us up to their new place for dinner. monday we had rian's fam over for a belgian waffle brunch and then celebrated liv's 1st birthday party later that day. sheesh. very fun, but we're ready to rest.

also, i feel like we've had the TV on more the past 4 weeks than the last 4 years. we don't do much TV (plus we only get 4 channels), but the olympics and then the DNC and now the RNC... lots going on.

also again, i'm feeling really good, much better.... for being 14 weeks pregnant! in case some of you didn't know, early march we are due to add another one to our family. we are super excited!

rian's softball was on tuesday nights this summer. wallace really wanted to get in on the action.

my little baby is no longer a baby. look at this BOY! thanks for the pics, beth!

roasting hot dogs on the bay last wednesday night.

friday i spent some time with last years "nurture" (MOPS) girls at fashion island. wallace wishing he brought his fishing pole.

dinner at lauren and brian's new koreatown residence.

liv with her amazing birthday cake.

the mellemas and us got liv this little bouncing pony. she hopped right on. wallace was quick to head her way and here she is telling him how to do it.


Melissa Stephenson said...

Congrats on the new little one coming!!!! How exciting and so glad for you guys!

Trisha said...

yay! Congrats Rian and Meg on your growing family! Blessings and love to you all.