Tuesday, November 10, 2009

here i am

i know. i've been so lame with the blog thing. here are some pics from the past couple months. enjoy and i'll be back here after christmas.... maybe before.

wallace jumping off of everything. especially loving the jump from waterfall into pool.

exploring the beach at sunset. many times.

date nights. this one in fullerton at the art auction.

my cute cute boy just chillin reading a magazine.

some of rian's japan friends in san clemente.

lunch with the mellema's and kids.

disneyland. my packhorse.

wally's first chore chart. 1: make bed. 2: take vitamin. 3: clean up toys.

a super fun halloween. lots of events this year. this one is at 'treats in the streets' in oldtown orange.

halloween parade with my mama's group.

skyler's first pumpkin patch.

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