Thursday, August 20, 2009


In the last week... Wallace began swim lessons, Skyler is sitting up by herself, Gypsy had ear surgery, Rian got a tattoo, Wallace caught a summer cold (and coughed so hard he threw up all over me. And the couch. And Skyler's foot.), Skyler began eating real food, and I... well I don't know what I did. I took care of everyone. Actually, I also read through all the Twilight books, got to go off on my own a couple nights to get a massage, do some errands, grocery shop (alone!), meet some friends, etc. I've been well taken care of too. Beyond this week, here are some pics from the month of August.

Rian, Dave and Colby went to watch the Dodgers beat Atlanta ("In dramatic fashion", Rian says, "with Andre Ethier, Meg's crush, belting a 3-run walkoff homer!")

My mom with her 2 favorite grandkids.

Me and my sweet baby after a bath.

At our ex-neighbors house (they moved a year ago) Wallace LOVED playing dress-up with Dustin and Brandon's halloween clothes. He came out as a cowboy, pirate, and army lieutenant. And then he went and helped himself to a banana in their kitchen.

She loved this bite.

We watched Molly Jenson play at a house concert in Santa Ana.

"Faithful" in Japanese.

Rian's Tuesday night summer softball team.

Wally & Ethan

The cheering squad.

Skyler sitting up (yes, like a monkey).

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Melissa Stephenson said...

When I was reading your first paragraph too fast, I thought it said Wally got a tattoo and I was like, "Sweet. I should have Lee take Aaron in for one." =) LOL! Great pics, Meg.