Monday, August 03, 2009

Paradise Point 2009

This weekend was our annual Wallace Family trip to San Diego with Mimi, all my Aunts and Uncles, my cousins and all their kids. Wallace had a blast playing with all his second cousins and having constant access to the sand and bay. This year everyone was able to be there except for my sister and brother-in-law... who are on a trip to Egypt and Croatia. They were super bummed to miss out. Rian and I love this weekend and look forward to it each year. We're so fortunate to be part of this big family who loves tradition and spending time together. Until next time...

Jack taking Wally and Spencer for a ride.

Wally, Will, Spencer, Kate, Blake and Jack around the kids table.

Wally and Will.

Aunt Carol

Will Parsons digging a hole.

Mimi and all the aunts with the bungalows in the background.

Scott swimming with Wally.

Dance party after the sun goes down.

Jack loving on Skyler.

Skyler attracting a crowd: Evy, Spencer, Kate & Zoey

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