Friday, October 15, 2010

early october

Skye at our first pumpkin patch trip this season.

Many of our lunches are picnics out front or back. So much easier to clean up!

Skyler fell into the corner of her dresser drawer, which required another trip to urgent care for liquid stitches.

24 hours later she smacked into our bedroom door while running around the corner. I promise I'm not just sitting on the couch all day, letting my kids jump off of things and run around crazy... Is this not the biggest goose egg you've ever seen?

We got together with our old lifegroup for a bonfire. It was so nice and I realize how much I miss these friends. I have such fond memories of meeting each week together.

Wally & Jayden.

Two cuties waiting to be loaded in the car.

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Wheelers said...

I will be calling you when I have to make my first trip to the ER with my kids! Little Skyler... she is one tough girlie!