Sunday, October 24, 2010

pumpkin patch

this is our 3rd year coming to this pumpkin patch. two years ago i was just about as pregnant as i was this year. here are the munchkins (liv, wally, jude, skyler).

skyler is a huge fan of nulls (tunnels).

the teepee was a big hit.

the kids did many rides.

so did i.

i painted wally's face. it's a lizard obviously.

here we are 2 years ago:


Heather Ferenc said...

So fun. Is this Tanaka farms? We are going this week. Can't wait for some fall fun...although I will skip the tiger horsey ride ;)

meghan said...

heather, it's a pumpkin patch on jeffrey by ivc. it's really cute and fun.

Melissa Stephenson said...

Just caught up here on your blog as I haven't for awhile... What else is good to do at the hour of 3am??? =) Couple things:
1)Love your minivan!!! yay!
2) That goose egg on Sky's head was AWFUL. Ouchie!
3) I wish we lived closer to each other to play

That is all. =)