Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dan the handyman

he's coming over today to look at our upstairs bathroom. i think we have a slow leak from our tub behind the drywall. we'll see...

also we took the minivan off-roading this weekend. she held up well but i don't think we should ever do it again.

in addition, rian is taking me away on the train to los angeles in a couple of weekends. we will celebrate our 8th anniversary there. he is doing all the planning and i am trying my best to stop demanding information inquiring about his plans.

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Heather Ferenc said...

Ha! That is hilarious Meg. Ben and I just went to L.A. to celebrate (early) our anniversary. He planned the whole thing and just told me to pack for the weekend. I didn't even know where we were going til we got on the road. It was SUCH a fun trip. We stayed in Silverlake in this adorable little modern bungalow on VRBO. We went to a concert, did some thrift shopping and of course ate some yummy food. Have a great weekend away and stop bugging...I mean inquiring. Guys like to surprise us. I kept saying but what clothes should I pack. He said everything basically. My bag was so stuffed, but it was totally worth it. Happy Anniversary!!!!